Next 10x Stock Winner


That’s an all or nothing strategy. Not all founders can be as successful as the Fangs, many startups go under…


That’s depend on what money are you using for investment. AFAIK, most financial advisors recommend invest your spare money i.e. money not meant for purchase of homestead and needed for personal uses within a year. Don’t forget, for guys who are new to job market, preference is for them to invest in index fund :slight_smile: as they need to focus on building up their career. At the same time, prepare to get married and have kids (I’m old fashioned :slight_smile: ). Essentially I was referring to investment after all those are settled :slight_smile: Near retirement, shift gradually to dividends stocks :slight_smile: Notice Jil, manch and I are moving into dividend stocks, we are either near retirement or retired.

No advice for mavericks. They know what to do.

Wonder why SHOP has been roaring for the past few days.


VEEV reports after the bell…


Veev down AF by 8%


I’ll have to double check the details, but at first glance it appears to be a chance to buy more. They beat top and bottom line. Plus, new products are starting to sell.


AH VEEV closed at $60.70, down less than 2% from the price I paid. Unless marcus335 comes up with a good fundamental reason, won’t add. I would wait for IRBT to hit $85-$88 to add.

As of today AH, the small cap tech stock portfolio of SEVEN UP is doing very well:

  1. UBNT…+18.4%
  2. SHOP…+12.3%
  3. VEEV…-1.9%
  4. IRBT…-5.4%
  5. PANW…+2.2%
  6. SPLK…+11.1%
  7. NTNX…+5.5%


One thing I’ve wondered is if ti’s better to own stocks that aren’t part of a major index. With the rise of ETF and HFT, indexes get bought/sold in massive volume on the tiniest bit of news. SPY sell off hits all 500 stocks even if the reason doesn’t impact all of them. I worry we’re hitting a point where the ETF volume will dwarf the individual share volume. That’ll make it really difficult for a stock in the index to outperform the index.

Another theory would be to look for stocks in the S&P 500 with the smallest float. If the ETF goes up and more people starting buying, stocks with a small float could demand a price premium. The ETF is forced to buy them as more people buy shares of the ETF.


This is the basic premise behind all ETF-naysayers, right? That ETFs tend to make the markets inefficient and ETF investors get a free-ride on active fund manager’s work.


A stock will always outperform any index if the company does above average. It will always underperform if company falls below average.


Correct, but I think being part of the index limits the ability to outperform the index. Especially as more and more trading volume is from ETFs.


Says the hedge fund managers who see massive fund outflow. Yeah right.


That might make a difference to short term traders, but to buy and hold investors (the only way to invest in stocks really) makes no difference.


“It’s not whether you’re right or wrong that’s important, but how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.”
~ George Soros


Did VEEV drag all e-commerce stocks down in a sea of green?
AMZN, MOMO, and SHOP are also down.

Jil - Any revised view on VEEV, MOMO and OLED?

SPLK appreciation is not sufficient to counter the big decline of VEEV which I thought is overvalued but didn’t expect to drop so much :rage: The rising wedge is killing me! Earliest stop appears to be $50, could be down to $40 :sleepy:


No further research on VEEV and OLED.

Reg MOMO, this is growing company, revenue grows gradually year after year. This quarter the operating margin increased that reduced appx 20% on QTR-2-QTR Profit Margin even though PM increased year over year basis.

MOMO 20%+5% today drop is a great plus to enter. If we have really good faith on Chinese Economical growth, Hold for long will work nicely. If someone buys now, they need to hold for a quarter to realize the gain. When next quarterly release comes, we will see a jump on price. Until then, the stock may go Up and Down.

You see UBNT & IRBT was low for a qtr and then jumped. Now, IRBT has even come down. BTW: Many stocks are coming in view of Economic Shutdown by Sep 2017. Once Congress approves debt funding, which will take end of sep 2017, stocks will swing back.


I’ll look to add more VEEV next week. Only negative is potential anti trust lawsuit against IMS. I’m skeptical it’ll resolve as fast as they think, and it’s slowing adoption of one of their products. They are expanding some products to packaged foods industry which is huge.


Just noticed good drop in VEEV, I agree with marcus and will buy some nextweek esp near by SMA200 level.


Likely to hit 200 SMA at…
VEEV… $52.50-$53


Sold all of my KITE today. Not 10x, but 4x in one year is pretty good to me. Will look into JUNO (from @marcus335’s original list) again. Looks like I am the only one who has some faith in healthcare stocks?


From conversations, those (may be except you) blogging in this thread are in the tech industry, know very little about healthcare. So they prefer tech stocks which they are familiar with. So we are neither have or no faith in the healthcare industry. Are you in the healthcare industry or know someone who are very familiar with healthcare industry?