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Do you know KITE is being taken over by GILD? Your shares will be converted into GILD which is actually growing after a long pause.


Trump was hitting them to remove Obamacare or Medical insurance side, while Hillary was hitting pricing side. Healthcare was running like a monopoly so far, mostly protected by their patent rights.

Healthcare/medical industry is recession proof, but those were pounded, esp by Hillary team and often by Senators, recent times by exorbitant price increases.

See the case of MYL how it came down.

Healthcare was next big industry for bay area.GILD is bay area based, lot of Drug makers, mainly research, are from bay area.

I follow very small list healthcare side ISRG, GILD, JNJ, PFE, ABBV.. Bold tickers I own, but eventually will get ISRG & JNJ.


No, I am not in the healthcare. However, a lot of my peer statisticians went to work for drug companies. Some of them were really excited about CRISPR and I’ve been tracking the technology for the last a few years.


Yeah, that’a also the reason why I sold it. This is the part of my fund which I put into high risk stocks. After the acquisition, the upside is much limited. When I bought it, I had a hard time deciding between JUNO and KITE. KITE has a smaller market, but closer to FDA approval. JUNO has larger targets, but looked to be after KITE for approval. Since KITE is now off the table, JUNO comes back to my plan.


I’ll invest in XBI when the chart is good. I trade in and out of it. As for individual stocks, I just don’t know enough about it to intelligently pick individual stocks. For the small caps, so much is dependent on drug trial results. You have to know how big the addressable market is. You need to know how the drug compares to existing drugs for that illness. I don’t have enough knowledge in those areas to pick the individual stocks. I usually stick to tech if I’m buying a stock to hold. I’ll trade charts in just about any sector though. Those are usually 30-60 day option trades though.


This is exactly I feel as well. I’ve been tracking this for more than 5 years, also inspired by a series of New York Times article on this. However, my expectation for JUNO/KITE is a bit lower, in terms of trial results: their technology showed they can cure otherwise terminally ill cancer patients, and some of them are in complete remission a couple of years afterwards(not longer history since the treatment is still new). This alone has huge medical values.


Is this a good or bad news? Curing cancer + anti-aging means we would be immortal! Where to find places to shelter and feed an exploding population? We already know how to anti-age, just controversial, need a better process and we’re there.


It’s a good news thanks to Elon Musk. The rest of us who are no longer productive will get a free one way ticket to Mars. :wink:


The moment humans become immortal is when they stop producing more offspring. So, don’t worry about a population explosion. There’s not going to be one.


Good thing? Same type of humans? Could be wiped out by a single strain of virus/ bacteria!


Immortal means cannot die. If can be wiped out by virus, then it’s not immortal.


Because the immortality is propped up by medical science.


If humans will be immortal, I need to go to medical school now and will treat you guys for forever


Nobody will ever be immortal. .Who wants a society full of old people? Who will do all the work?


How about making you immortal and also make you back to 25 forever? You need to donate your property to immortality scientist


Eventually we will be able to clone humans. Then the next step is to transfer memory from your body to the clone. Maybe a brain transplant. Then you can be young forever.


Nothing lasts forvever…Including the universe… Immortality is a religious concept, not science…Prolonged life is not necessarily an improved life…The key is too prolong youth, not to keep a bunch of old fossils barely alive…which is unfortunately what is currently happening…


Seven seems a little too much to follow, so drop one.

Cloud Six: Small cap ($2B to $10B) in tech industry



UBNT - IoT, networking, Wi-Fi, Enterprise >> Consumer
SHOP - e-commerce, platform
VEEV - cloud computing, CRM >> ERP
IRBT - AI, robotics, cleaning >> connected robots/ smart home
SPLK - big data, data analytics
NTNX - big data, HCI >> Private Enterprise Cloud Platform

IRBT founded in 1990, CEO Colin M. Angle.
SPLK founded in 2003, CEO Douglas Merritt.
SHOP founded in 2004, CEO Tobias Lutke.
PANW founded in 2005, CEO Mark D. McLaughlin.
UBNT founded in 2005, CEO Robert Pera.
TWLO founded in 2007, CEO Jeff Lawson.
VEEV founded in 2007, CEO Peter Gassner.
NTNX founded in 2009, CEO Dheeraj Pandey.


For those who don’t read earlier post. Already know how to reverse aging i.e. become younger. Knowledge is already there… is only an ethical issue… Immortality is achieved by medical science not born so still not perfect till can transfer memory to an indestructible robot with self-sustaining energy source. Not there yet :grin: Is it better to be an energy cloud or a physical human-like robot?


I don’t have MOMO. I only own the other 5 from the list. My China stocks are BAT.


Big early movers >1%

SHOP > 2%
OLED :grin: > 8% because of Deutsche Bank issues an upgrade & possibly due to impending launching of iPhone 8
MOMO > 2%
CRUS > 2%