Next 10x Stock Winner


Short term is up.


PANW is short term better.

SHOP I am looking for long term watch. Unless this makes or going to make profits, it is hard to grow. SHOP is as volatile as TSLA, going up and down on expectations to turn around positive earnings.

Look out my new pick MASI, trying to make a write up, but do not have time. This one is long term like ISRG, but small cap at 4 Bln level. This is dipped as people expect EPS may go down, but MorningStar gives undervalued.

I bought this today, year 2018 pick, for long hold. I have ISRG too.


Luckily didn’t close the 2 UBNT Leap calls but seller remorse for 200 shares sold.
Seller remorse for selling 300 IRBT shares too. Can blame the uncalled for post below :rage:


You’ll typically have sellers remorse in a bull market unless you redeploy the capital into something that performs better than what you sold.



Today is the day of STZ, good report BMO, but stock tanked. I missed noticing morning, but got it by 12:45 today.

** Risk is it can further go down, we do not know how Mr.Market will behave !! *


Stock will have a negative 2018?


I think people should be more worried about cryptocurrencies crashing in 2018 as opposed to stocks yielding negative returns.


First, check his track record.

The DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund, his biggest fund, returned 3.8 percent last year, better than 80 percent of its peers, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The fund mostly focuses on mortgages.

Way worse than wuqijun’s return of 40%. Even if S&P return negative, two year return would still be higher than Gundlach’s :wink:


Investing in bonds is the absolute worst investment possible.


Big corporation and government love bonds :grinning: Stable 3-4% p.a. for many years is deemed better than volatile annualized return of 7-11%. Search me as to why they think so, group think?


They are in their own league. When you have $100 million you invest in bonds. When you have $10 million you invest in stocks. When you have only $1 million you should gamble away with bitcoin. :rofl:


Need to adjust Jil, manch and your net worth to be more than $10 million :roll_eyes:


Are you going to post another change to that list again? :rofl:


If you have bills to pay every year like pension funds you may need to have some bonds in your portfolio.

But even if the guy is long mostly mortgages why is his return so low? BXMT holds only commercial mortgages and yields almost 8%.


He’s the top 20% in his own league. And he is a big name money manager.

He may have an incentive to promote bond over stocks. But his long term record is better than all of us


I guess @BAGB didn’t read where he said to short bitcoin.

“Jeffrey Gundlach, the billionaire bond manager, says the S&P 500 Index will end the year with a negative return and shorting bitcoin will make you money.”

Are you going to follow the shorting bitcoin advice or only the first half of the sentence?


I guess he needs to show me how to short Bitcoin first. I should have sold GBTC today and switched to KODK instead. Need to look for alternative investments than GBTC


There are bitcoin futures.


Oh, I never traded futures, probably never will. Good luck with his short