Next 10x Stock Winner


Yes, yes, where is my money 10+ M, show me, let us go party :rofl:


what happened to mu?


Cramer badmouthed Micron:

Lastly, Micron Technology (MU) is a commodity chip maker that has crashed three times in Cramer’s career. “The bull case? Micron’s stock sells for less than five times earnings. To me, though, that’s exhibit A for the bears, because when Micron has sold that cheaply in the past, it usually means that the company won’t be able to meet its earnings estimates,” said Cramer. Both their products, flash memory and DRAM chips are subject to boom and bust cycles.





More sellers’ remorse! IRBT up nearly 3%!


Did you buy something else or is it still cash? I’m still 21% cash. I like to always have some for opportunities. I’m more levered with options than normal.


Still got 400 IRBT shares :slight_smile: after selling half previously i.e. got 800 shares at one time.
Despite the substantial price decline, still profitable :slight_smile: because I average down a bit.
Just messing around with whoami.
The key to asset investing is always the price you paid for it. Even if the asset is not that great can still make good money if you have bought it cheap enough :rofl:


Miller likes dal. Dividend over 2%, pe 12. Seems a safe bet. But is it too boring?

What kind stocks are worth buying calls now?


I’d wait for NVDA to consolidate a little longer. Everything else on my watch list already had the breakout. I think it’s risky buying too far after the breakout.

SYNA is up huge today. @hanera has mentioned them.


Seller remorse :disappointed_relieved: Make good money but miss the big money… influenced by the AI pusher :rage:. Nevertheless, account worth is a new ATH. Would be embarrassing if it is not given crazy run up of stock market.

I miss that few days in a stock… recall there is a study that most stocks roar only a few times a year.


Syna is at the long term trend line support. Could be a long term play. Short term, it won’t behave like KODK. Its future is tired to fingerprint chip


BAT - 25.9%
Small cap - 18.1%

The real winners are my tax reform trades. I did Jun call options on 6 stocks and 1 ETF. +55% in about a month. I think next week I’ll start selling OOM calls against them, I don’t want to get too greedy on them, but I want to let them run.


Plenty of calls that gain 50-100%, just too low quantity relative to fund size :blush:
Meow like a cat instead of roar like a tiger.


You can buy plenty of quantity if you stick to big companies with good option volumes.


Thinking of switching back to that :slight_smile:


IRBT broke above 200-day SMA :smile:


Wow, that’s really lagging. The 50 is still below the 200. I imagine there’s not many stocks in that situation given the recent run.


Half full or half empty situation.
When price cuts above 200-day SMA, it is possible that correction (has to be a correction unless you think the business is in a downhill like Yahoo!) is over but we’re not sure. For example, it takes 3 times to be a charm for AAPL in the chart below. Since I’m not sure, prefer to sell half of my holdings at around 200-day ($80s), if it goes down again, I would buy back shares somewhere between $60-$65 (if even lower, long calls). If it runs, then only consider selling above $110, depending on fundamentals. This strategy works so long the business is not screwed, you have to believe that the business is long term growth.


It might be time to start selling covered calls. This is getting crazy. That or buy some puts as protection and leverage up long even more.