Next 10x Stock Winner


You can still brag since KODK is garbage as everyone says :rofl:

Golden garbage maybe


Who owned KODK before the initial pop though?


Kodak was not on the list in July at the start of this thread.
But Juno was


Ok, Juno wins hands down if we look at July to now. KODK is barely positive since July. Which begs the question whether it’s undervalued even without kodakcoin



I just looked at it, appx 18% up. The results are by Jan 25th. Review carefully before adding more


Today I bought PCG as it hit a be of the lowest


Long live the rally!


What is the point of buying dividend paying stocks when any hi-tech stocks are going up at a rate of few % per month, some double digits?


When people spend more time talking stocks than bitcoins.


Yes, our ultimate aim is to get max return out of our investment. If there is good company with better growth, it is always preferable.

The benefits of PCG dividend is qualified tax treatment. PCG is also in 3 years low now. This is good for long hold with decent qualified dividends.

Just find out the reasons for this 3 year low and you may likely understand the stock is selling less than actual value!


Too lazy to find. Owned 200 shares long ago. Need to own them because is providing gas and electricity to my house :slight_smile:


It’s all risk vs reward. If as a family you are significantly exposed to hi-tech stocks through your employers, then it makes sense to buy assets not in hi-tech.


What’s the reason for PGE’s fall? Did they stop dividend payment?


I’ve been dipping into REITs - UMH, NRZ. Tech has become too hot.


That is what I am asking you to do. I do not have internet except cell phone connectivity until feb 10th.


Pacific Graft and Extortion, should be taken down…supported by the PUC designed to fleece the public


My stock portfolio is up 10% since Jan 2nd, 2018. Soo… happy so far…

Biggest gainer is surprisingly AMD :slight_smile:


I see you are a gambler…



Their ryzen chips seems to be a competitive product?
The following is from a recent(January 8th) research note.

At CES, AMD announced a slew of new offerings. Technology updates include AMD’s Zen core processors that began shipping in Ryzen desktop and mobile processors (12nm samples shipping) as well as unveiling its first 7nm Vega GPU for machine learning. AMD also detailed its full line up of Ryzen
mobile APUs (includes new Ryzen PRO and Ryzen 3 models) available starting 2/12 and its 12nm 2nd gen Ryzen desktop CPU (available April). We think the announcements are a notable positive and will help drive additional revenue growth in ’18 as well as potential upside to consensus estimates