Next 10x Stock Winner


Debating a position in NVDA. I wish the handle after the cup was longer. Jun 180 calls only have $5 of time premium for 4x leverage.


Thought is 10x return over 10 years for the portfolio :wink:.
This translates to annualized return of 26% which is pretty achievable.
If only one of them, almost all the selected ones are on course.
Return since Aug 28,
42 PM


Correct, but you won’t get a big return over 10 years if you trim every time a stock goes up. You need to have a large position to make a large gain.

BAT 26.7%
Small cap 17.6%

I’m selling covered calls against most positions, but not including that in the % gain. I wish NTNX had weekly calls. I only like to sell 2 weeks out, so I can do it more often with weekly calls.


Instead of Citron Research, GS is tanking PANW. NTNX tanking too.


Finally sold all of my JUNO today. Need to figure out what to buy next. Both SAGE and BLUE are already too expensive. Any good ideas in bio?


Bio is not my wheelhouse. I’ll trade XBI. When the chart looks good I buy calls.

Down 1.5% is tanking? It’s still above the 50-day.

Seems the market is rallying on news the senate will end the shutdown.


@Jil had or still has ISRG. He must be very happy about it. I have a very small stake in ISRG. I am thinking of buying more.


GDP will grow 3% this year. Is it priced into stocks yet? Seems that bull market may not end this year.


I love how during the debate on tax cuts almost all economists claimed tax cuts don’t cause growth. Then as soon as tax cuts are passed all the economists (including the federal reserve) start increasing their GDP growth forecasts due to the tax cuts.

Economists are dependent on big government to fund their field. They’re always going to say higher taxes and big government is better. At least now we know they don’t truly believe tax cuts don’t cause economic growth. It’s just what they say to discourage tax cuts that could eliminate their job.


Eventually grassroots will be fed up and elect a worse president than Trump


I think the bigger issue is people keep re-electing their representative and senator. The approval rate of congress is rock bottom, but people keep re-electing their person. People think it’s everyone else’s rep or senator that’s messed up, but they can’t vote out other people’s rep or senator.


What is the track record on this thread?. Did anyone predict bitcoin a year ago?


Or even last July?


No, but there are things that are beating the S&P average.


Which one did best?


I think NTNX which is up 43% in ~6 months


JUNO was up by 200% last 6 months.


KODK up 300% over last month :joy:

Juno is a great win, but what if there’s no buyout?

Biotech seems to to jump then flat, or jump then fall. It’s hard to trade biotech. Maybe just buy and hold
until some exceptional news


Relatively, JUNO has been the worst among the CRISPR companies. Both SAGE and BLUE have been up by 300% during last year. Of course, they are small companies. But only small companies can potentially give you 10x growth.


Now I can’t brag that IRBT LEAPS call $50 double in 2 months :rage: