Next 10x Stock Winner


Money continues to rotate out of megacap to small cap.
UBNT!!! Good news?



I have no idea how much money the UBNT CEO has that’s not tied up in the company. Someone is definitely buying more shares. I wonder if he’s buying on margin? The company has approved a buy back. It’s crazy how it’s been straight up (even on down days), since the investigation was announced. I’m now up on UBNT again.

SPY seems to be struggling to go back above the 50-day.


Hmmm, this is it.

Nowadays, lot of big companies getting the foreign hoarded cash, after paying trump one time tax, keeping it approved for buyback !

If they have approved cash for buyback, companies do buy the stock at its lowest price ! They know that what legal issue going on and if there buy/sell window is open and stock crashed, they definitively buy the shares.


MU and IRBT are killing me.
Bought 500 of NTNX at high of the day… craps. Price wavering… don’t like. Prefer running into the close… mean someone knew something bullish.



Another winner.
Yes, manch, not much impact to networth because low investment.
RoE (return of effort) is pathetic.
Is embarrassing that so many hits, yet portfolio hardly improved much.



NTNX is a disappointment.



It’s bettwr than mahjong. Engages the brain and forces you to learn more about these companies.


I guess I could have made much more selling closer OOM calls. 1.5% isn’t a bad gain on earnings.


small caps are doing very well in this turmoil.



They are all related to Tech/Software ! IMO, Simple rotation is going on


NTNX is moving up fast… Too fast would kill my strangle :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, small caps move from strength to strength


Healthcare is ok too. UNH and JNJ are green too.


Why no love for Twilio? Up 6.5%


Hmm, maybe I should have been more patient with TWLO and VEEV, but I put the money into stocks that are also doing well.


Don’t understand how it works :hugs:


They are the backbone of how service people can use their phone to text/call you from an anonymous number that’s not their cell phone number. That’s huge in many apps. When you get a text alert that your food delivery is near, that text is sent via TWLO technology. Lyft still uses them, so if your driver calls you it’s not from their cell phone number. It’s via TWLO technology. They also enabling calling/texting from a PC. It’s honestly what Microsoft should have done with Skype.

Uber decided to develop their own tech which created a fear other customers would do the same. Turns out other customers would rather just pay a fee for the service and focus on their core business.


Why didn’t Google and Apple develop similar?

Full investment for VEEV, PANW and IRBT… even though bullish, want to be disciplined :slight_smile:
Looking for opportunities to push the other five to full :slight_smile: now is about 20-50%, not good to be underinvested in a bull run. Sold short-term calls for VEEV, PANW, SPLK for good profit :slight_smile: about 80-100% gain in 1-3 days.


B’coz big companies always neglect seemingly smaller areas of innovation. That’s why startups exist.



They won’t ! When companies becoming big, lot of documentation, review, P/L forecast. Usually, low margin products are put down by big companies.

However, startups - being small, less overhead and innovative - pick up the products and make better margin. At thi stage, big companies swallows (just buy them) the small ones (like Ring/Amazon).