Next 10x Stock Winner


If you’re too scared to hold through earnings, you should just day trade chart setups. There’s no need to analyze fundamentals.


FOMO bought 2 NTNX :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Btw, small cap portfolio is at ATH again :slight_smile:


There are a lot of ways to make money in the stock market. The key is to find the one that fits your personality and skill set.


Already found… buy n hold… do nothing all the time. But I need to conquer my dark side :sweat_smile:
Two counters out of 8 is still red… UBNT and IRBT.
And still not fully invested :blush:


SHOP leaps call has doubled. Used to have 3, left only one :persevere:
Making $ via calls is very fast, the problem is now and then, we have Andrew & similar spoiling the cook like in UBNT and IRBT. This makes me overly cautious, I guess.


Small caps are doing well :slight_smile:

28%20PM 53%20PM


Already fully invested with 100 underlying + 2 Leaps calls. Considering to BTO some short-term calls :wink:, getting greedy.


Didn’t make much money in NTNX because of lack of understanding of what exactly is HCI :blush: Sound like middleware, that is that much I know :hugs:



Seems like playing with stocks to you is like playing mahjong. Money at risk is too low to really matter but you seem to enjoy it for excitement purpose?


You mean you want to make money through trading?
Didn’t WB and wuqijun hammer into you that the only way to make big money is BUY and HOLD.

Out of the 8, based on their performance, it appears to be VEEV and PANW.


You guys need to show me your trading accounts to really convince me of “buy and hold”. :smile:

I don’t trade but curious to see you swerating the details for so little money involved.


Buy n hold has nothing to talk about. Quietly make BIG money and talk incessantly about small money. Get it?


Isn’t it exactly the same as playing mahjong? Most people have day jobs and only play for entertainment.


All my mahjong kah kee are in Singapore. Don’t dabble with stocks and options at all when I am in Singapore.

Look like you miss my “sharing is caring” post.


If proper research or fundamentals are reviewed, BUY and HOLD is fine.

Even after 10% down, I am holding TEVA by buffet effect ! In fact, I bought more today.


I indeed missed your “sharing is caring” post. Now I feel very warm and fuzzy. :smile:


I think Buffett’s “buy and hold” is widely misunderstood. What the man said was that he prefers to hold forever. To qualify the business must be doing well. WB doesn’t mind selling losing businesses like IBM, or some OK business after huge price run-up like PetroChina.

WB doesn’t just blindly buy and hold forever. To do that would mean he never made any mistake.


Trading vs buy and hold account is only up 3.5%. I’m going to start duplicating the trades in both accounts.


Correct. Selling is a part of strategy. Again, selling decision is tougher.


That is his new thinking a few years ago. He remarked that he should have sold KO when it is excessively overvalued. Guess is not sexy enough for journalists to repeat his qualification of the buy n hold hopefully forever.