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Uh. Another member of the SHOP cult.


You should be since you love FB. SHOP rides on FB, Google and AMZN to get customers.


I agree with Citron on SHOP. Staying away.


CItron’s target is $100, so downside here is $20.
If bull is correct, min $155 i.e. min upside is $35.
Worth the bet. BTFD with long calls if drops to $100s. Now purchase mostly underlying.
Currently, only 400 shares, if drop to $100s, lost $8k, but can long 10s calls which when recover, make way more.


Have you guys ever bought anything from an online store running on Shopify? I can’t square the “Amazon is dominating online sales” circle into a bull case for Shopify.

If Shopify has so many paying customers surely we must be running into them all the time? No?


Have you ever bought anything from a third party on Amazon? Roughly 50% of Amazon’s business is third party, and it’s growing faster than the Amazon part. Many of those merchants use SHOP to run their business and sell on Amazon. SHOP is only going to grow as Amazon’s third party business grows.


When a business uses SHOP, can I tell it is powered by SHOP?


Nope, it is invisible to the user. It’s on the back end for the business to use. They have signed up Ford and some other huge customers.


Thank. Sometimes we can see “powered by…”



You might on the company website, but you won’t on Amazon.


If most of your sales comes from one channel, in this case amazon, why would 3rd party sellers pay Shopify to manage multi-channels for them?

It’s like if you are only running windows, would you buy a VMWare license to manage multi-OS on your computer?

That’s why finding Shopify-managed sites in the wild is important for your bull case. Having amazon sellers using Shopify is a bear case not a bull case.


You can talk to Shopify telling them that you are interested in using their platform for your future :grinning: retail store.


We’ve been over this. Shopify is more similar to SAP or Oracle for a small business. It helps them run every aspect of their operation. That’s the value.


Does Shopify manage sellers’ ads on amazon?

Does Shopify help sellers manager shipments to amazon fulfillment centers?

Does Shopify manage buyers’ messages from Amazon? How about return requests?


It can manage ads across any platform you want. You can even time ads for promos. You can also schedule the exact moment you want ta product to be available.

My understanding is you can set a threshold where if inventory is below x, then order y amount more. That can be a massive time saver. Alternatively, if you hold your own inventory it’ll track your sales across all platforms and automate re-ordering more product. Just because a third party sells on Amazon, it doesn’t mean they are using the FBA program. You can sell on Amazon and still fulfill from your own facility. Also, if you want to make sure you’re always show in-stock on Amazon, you can protect a portion of your inventory as Amazon only. If you fulfill orders yourself, then you get to use Shopify’s discount shipping rates (40-50% off retail rates).

I’m not sure about the buyer’s messages and return requests.


Not in shop cult. I made a bet on a recently crashed stock. Did the same a bunhmch of times and it played out nicely.


Good technical picture, above 10/50/200-SMAs and cloud, tempted to load up short-term calls :blush:








FOMO calling your name.


Why not wait for the actual breakout? You’ll miss a little bit of upside, but you reduce your risk of loss on a failed breakout. You don’t need to be first to make money.


I learn from you that a little FOMO is ok :wink: