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FBI agents searched the office, home and Manhattan hotel room of President Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, on Monday, seizing records that include payments to a former adult-film actress, a person familiar with the matter said.

The searches were executed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the direction of the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan, which has opened an investigation that is being coordinated with the office of special counsel Robert Mueller, this person said.

Mr. Trump, in a meeting with military leadership at the White House Monday evening, called the raids a “disgrace” and a “witch hunt.”

“It’s an attack on what we all stand for,” Mr. Trump said of the investigation.


Exactly how or why is the payment illegal? Tiger Woods paid off dozens of mistresses and had them sign NDA agreements. The FBI was never involved because having someone sign a NDA for money isn’t illegal.

Also, Mueller was given a specific task of investigating collusion with Russia. Now he’s going way outside that purpose on a fishing expedition. This isn’t even close to legal.


This isn’t from the Mueller investigation. This was done by FDNY. Mueller referred a potential criminal incident to a different department (par for the course in federal matters. If you unearth wrong doing as part of something you are working on, you refer it to another group to follow up). It was up to them to act or not. They must have found enough information to indict and get a warrant since a warrant was issued.


When this is the case and stocks are reacting over this kind of news, I infer how volatile stock is and slender strength the market has.

With such volatility, if there is a real news, stocks will deep dive down another 1000 or 1500 points in a day !

OOPS, crazy time and volatility :scream:


Congras to whoever own PAY.


FOMO is as bad as catching the katana. Still below purchase price.



Anybody know why PANW is bashed? Can’t find any bearish news.


It depends when they bought. It’s been a falling knife for awhile. I remember when Cramer was pumping that stock non-stop due to the chip reader implementation. It made sense, because you have regulation mandating customers to buy new product. That doesn’t matter when market share is rapidly declining.


Outdated news out today…
Palo Alto Networks Stands Out in the Tech Crowd


I’m not sure if he’ll have to sell some UBNT to cover this or not. It may create a chance to get shares on the cheap again.

He’ll need ~$420M to buy them out. Even if he had to sell $840M to cover taxes, he’d still have a majority of the company UBNT.

Talk about ROI. They paid $350M in 2012. Now the franchise is valued at $1.3-$1.4B. It’s up 4x over 6 years.


Hard to tell whether the correction for SHOP is over or not.
If $154.82 is III.5.i, correction is over, time to long for a good run.
If $154.82 is III.5, correction is likely not over till $90s.
I don’t know how to tell, so I have bought back correct weightage, and plan to double weightage if drops to $90s.
Btw, anyone has a good fundamental analysis or reasons to believe that next earning is going to blockbuster?

In this article, 3 Top Growth Stocks to Buy in April, MF pumps SHOP.

If data-abuse allegations don’t lead to regulation, then there’s little reason to think e-commerce tools won’t remain very much in demand – and that Shopify will have room to regain its lost ground in short order.


This small online retail stock will plunge if Facebook takes its data ‘punch bowl’ away, says short-seller Andrew Left dated Mar 26.

The Citron chief also said that Shopify shares should immediately trade back to $100 per share, $35 per share below their current price.

Lowest so far after Mar 26 is $112.50. Short of $12.50.


It seems stocks hit the low within 3-days of his “reports”. Then they go back up. FB isn’t going to change the ability of advertisers to target ads.


IIRC, Citron is a short seller. He makes Shorts/Puts, publish the story and have legal handle to protect themselves and then gets it covered.


Green :+1:



Bought some calls.


Which ticker? I bot tons of calendars though :slight_smile: More risky, time to risk on.

Back from costco, things look about the same as open, realize NVDA/ MU/ SPLK seem to move together because of big data/AI I guess :slight_smile: SPLK roars, haven’t checked why



We’re getting close to the 50-day. This has been a pretty boring period.


Shop, fb, loaded up some more sq, ibkr and ntnx.


Credit Suisse raised target to $115. Reckoning time… touching the upper channel and slightly above 61.8% fib.

As for portfolio, mostly stocks, not that many calls, still playing safe :slight_smile: