No, There Is Nothing Wrong With Lowell's Selection Process

Wow, you want to water down a great, public high school like Lowell so that you can admit some students who probably wouldn’t excel there anyway…unbelievable

You can always dumb it down a notch or two, no? Like getting rid of algebra would help a lot.

Didn’t I tell you to enjoy it while it lasts? Liberals will spare no one. Until everybody graduates with a GPA of C minus, they won’t stop it.


It is truly unbelievable that these idiots want to essentially bring back down the achievers so that the laggards will catch up. Look, you either have the grades and test scores or you don’t.


Ever heard of grade inflation?

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Yeah, I was going to say “you mean A-”…

I sense the private schools in SF just became a bit more desirable. And competitive.

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I don’t remember the exact numbers, but SF already has lots of kids (close to half?) going to private high schools. SF has a pretty awesome selection of privates to choose from, and they are not cookie cutters. One focus on college level math, one teaches in French, etc. If I stay put in SF I will seriously consider sending my kids to privates.


French… what use is that!

Too much public school phobia in SF. A chicken can’t transform into a phoenix.

On the other hand if you keep feeding a Phoenix chicken food it will turn into a chicken.

You don’t know it’s chicken food. Could be foie gras.

Chickens and dogs can go to heaven :grinning:
After wearing the dragon robe, will he look like a crown prince?

Two words: Georgetown Prep

The boys there seemed to have a lot of fun.

What is worse than adults with money and privilege?

Answer: Their kids

My kid goes to private school in SF. I can confirm - there are TONS of private schools all over the city. All the parents I meet all have money and privilege and send their kids to one of the many many many private schools throughout the city.

You guys are such haters. I went to public school in SF (elementary/middle/high) and I turned out fine. I guess if you have extra money to burn then sure why not.


Not me, I too am a product of SF’s finest in public school education. No regrets at all… Well, ok, I wish I got to go to Marina or Francisco since either was closer to home in Chinatown.

Own self judges own self :crazy_face: