Nvidia Bombed. Anyone Buying?

Jil, zensri,

Well, anything to add? Now I regret not selling my NVDA as per plan. The chart is damn bearish :exploding_head: $100 soon !

Death cross 2 days ago. NFLX will flash a death cross next week it seems.

Looks like crypto currency affected the revenue just a little in the last quarter. But the guidance was lower for next quarter again because of crypto downturn.

There is a risk that it may crash to $100 but I will catch the katana at $160s and $130s. If it hits $100s, would double or triple the investment. I like to average down rather than time entry like wqj and Harriet.

Start small then keep increasing the quantity of purchase.

This is the last man standing in the semi to fall.

NVDA current qtr met the results, but future revenue is down by 300M than expected. Look like their growth is coming down. Not an attractive point to buy at low as it may also go down further.

NVDA is like FB, cat on the wall !


$100 low enough?

With future quarter at 2.7B, profit comes to 950 Million, which gives the NVDA normal range between $160 and 190. Abnormal range $150 to 200, that is the end. On any case, if further future is down, prices will downgrade.

Now, NVDA is not a good place to focus further.

Which price will NVDA touch first going forward?

$100 or $200?

I would say $200. Profit went up almost 50% year over year. That’s monstrous growth in spite of the weak guidance.

That’s the past. The future is…

Investment is about the future, not the past. Are the drivers of growth weakening? Crypto? Data center? AI/Ml? Video gaming? How about competition from Intel, AMD, Google?

Adjusted the GTC purchases to $140s from $160s. Cancelled the GTC purchases at $130s. Need to see 2mrw action.

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So manch has concluded that $100 is more likely than $200.

You believe in his judgement or not?

I don’t think I even have a judgement…

Crypto is already dead for them as per last qtrly results. Looks like some other area effect.I did not go through sector by sector, as reduction from 3B to 2.7B itself shows trouble in future order booking. EPS coming down from 1.71 to 1.52-1.57 level. Stock will not recover for long time.

No need to look any further.


Yes, I always knew that you can’t trust a Taiwanese ceo… :rofl:

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Yep Bitcoin mining has moved to ASICs. Not cost efficient to mine with GPUs. GPU mining only made sense with alt coins such as ethereum and that market is dying

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