Nvidia Bombed. Anyone Buying?


Also, beware of another one: AMD :rofl:


Someone posted this nice video


FWIW I almost bought NVDA this morning. But I noticed my inbox had pre TG sale email from newegg. And the GPUs from both AMD and NVDA were both available and at a substantial discount which hasn’t been the case for a while. Figured it was too risky to buy as their gpu business had slowed. Lucky I guess


Me too. I placed a limit order $196 buy, doubtfully placed, that did not go through today luckily !


Next time post that info on the forum. :rage:


I got the info. Apple, Google and Tesla made NVDA sink ! There is no AI for NVDA too.



IMO, it is unlikely to recover, revenue and profit, for alreast one year. Many profitable AI avenues are closed by Tesla, Apple and google.


Some one posted actual result


Not impressed.


19h late.


AI's Investment Implications