Off Market: 95136

One more off market deal from the Chinese FB group:

I don’t know if this is considered of market when you have 20 people asking for info :smiley:

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It’s like shopping at outlets. YMMV.

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Just like outlets…the higher the price the better the deal :slight_smile: Hence why you have 20 people asking about a cheapo unit and then not many on the $$$ ones.

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There may be other RE groups on FB in other languages? I am a member of not one but two Chinese FB RE groups. :smile: It can’t be only the Chinese are RE crazy right?

It works two ways, probably quadratic.
Chinese has a lot of agents, and a lot of buyers.
I am not sure if indians have similar groups.

I want in in all of that though hahah.

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There’s gotta be an Indian one…where’s @RealEstatebull when you need him.

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There are tons of Indians in my old hood in Evergreen San Jose. Some Indian told me they have their own Indian Evergreen mailing list and you have to be an Indian to join. You bet there are off market deals there.

We need spies! :smile:

Maybe @RealEstatebull is already milking those deals… :thinking:

Indians are NOT going to give you a deal :grinning:

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“Indian Evergreen mailing list and you have to be an Indian to join.”

Found it!

So who can join? They give contradictory information:

Evergreen Desi mailing list is a moderated yahoogroups list serving the desi community in the South Bay. Members exchange information, gossip, recommendations on a variety of topics. Membership is free and open to all residents of Evergreen.

If you are an Indian homeowner residing in the South Bay area, in the cities of San Jose, Milpitas, Campbell, Fremont, Saratoga and Cupertino, then you too can become a member of the Evergreen Desis.

Which one is it??? :thinking:

Maybe everyone in EG can join, but only Indians in surrounding cities? Anyway, I was told by my friend I don’t qualify even though I own a house in EG. :smile:

Recruiting Indian spies…

Make up a name…

But it’s not as fun!

Why join something that’s not meant to be for you? I’m too lazy to even join Chinese mailing lists. Just buy it off the MLS. Or go to auctions.

There’s a group called “Indian Real Estate Connection of the East Bay” but the posts don’t seem to relate to RE and kind of random.

Indians dont let other Indians sell off market…literally no reason to go off market. Get that money :slight_smile: We dont have relatives fighting for stuff yet. So MLS is the way to go.

@BAJacket not aware of any…
@manch thanks for the tip, joining the group…

Honestly, if I were doing a 1031, I would find an offmarket property for buying and sell in MLS.

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Come on guys! We have been neighbors for thousands of years… Sure we can make a deal work…

@RealEstatebull report back what that group talks about… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

“neighbors”… not “brothers”, nor “family” :slight_smile: