Ok, So What Does Ben Carson Mean For Us Gang?

Hmmm, came from humble beginnings to do well in life. Could go either way???

Carson has often recounted his childhood as the son of a single mother in inner-city Detroit in his books and motivational speeches. In his 1996 autobiography “Gifted Hands,” Carson wrote of the humiliation he felt using food stamps from his mom to pay for bread and milk, and said how he began to excel at school only after receiving a free pair of glasses that allowed him to see the lessons written on chalk boards.
Carson has not said whether his family ever lived in federally funded housing or received Section 8 subsidies to help pay rent. But as a political figure he has criticized such public assistance programs for creating “dependency” on the government among low-income minorities.


The simple truth is “Friends may come and go, but enemy adds”. If he leaves criticizers outside, it will work against him.

In politics there is no perm.enemy, but win by networking with others. Now, Trump gets all his opponents to his side, to speak for him !

More and more I hear about this, I have become fan of Trump !

They were hardly enemies…but neither has any experience in governance

Remember that Carson’s single mother worked really hard to avoid government welfare assistance. They are religious and they were determined to work hard.

The correlation between low crime and church is pretty strong. At least, conservatism reduces crime.

On the other side, high crime is correlated with liberalism.

Hmm, tightening of the requirements and money pool for Section 8 maybe??? No more hanging onto vouchers if no progress (unless elderly, disabled, etc.) towards self-reliance?

Usually top leaders are not mean because they do not have to. In corporate, CEO is often many times nicer than a low level manager, at least to regular rank and file.

Hope that he better understands the inner city African Americans and find a policy that works better over the long term for low income folks. The goal should be lifting the African Americans out of poverty and lift them to self-sufficiency. Temporary assistance is needed, but a lifetime welfare population is a failed policy.

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Ok, Ben, you’re on…

Yeah, that would sound about right…

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HUD is part of LBJ’s “Great Society” disaster. It should never have been created. Neither should any of the other departments that came after it.

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The poor out of touch with reality guy said, after being trapped in the elevator, if anybody had a key for it, just in case he got stuck on a second one. Nothing works with these poor knownothing people.

This administration is making the circus coming to your town a new thing.

Where are ya, Ben???

He must be, as Reagan in his last days, suffering of Alzheimer’s disease. He doesn’t remember where he is or who he works for.

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Dude is AWOL, like his boss…

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“HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson released a statement with the report, saying: “Today’s affordable rental housing crisis requires that we take a more business-like approach on how the public sector can reduce the regulatory barriers so the private markets can produce more housing for more families.””

Then the article becomes more liberal propaganda promoting income redistribution. The last proposal on that would have created a few thousand affordable units while the state needs 1.4M units. They don’t care about solving the problem. They care about creating division and class warfare.

Uh, Ben…Ben… Bueller…Bueller

I give this a big so what? The government started helping in 1965 with the creation of HUD and stepped on the gas in 1973 with Freddie and Fannie. Home ownership only materially increased in the run up to the great recession when lending standards were non-existent. Once the government got involved, home prices did start their hockey stick curve increase though.

Go ahead and tell us how the hockey stick curve on home prices has helped the middle class and lower class family.

Expecting the government to solve housing is a bit like expecting them to change the physics of gravity. You’re always going to be disappointed that they don’t get it done. Plus, we’ve raised 3 generations telling them the government will make housing affordable for them. We’ve made those people victims and told them they can’t figure it out without government help. Then the government has failed to delivery that help to an adequate number of people.

Government has caused the huge rise in construction prices and land costs…Zoning and every increasing code mandated over design and greenmail (pandering to environmental wackos)

Has tripled the cost of building while the consumer price index remains flat…
Every frog and butterfly saved has meant millions in costs, and thousands of homeless…

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Maybe we haven’t heard a peep from Ben so that he doesn’t get fired by The Donald…:grinning:

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Ben is the same idiot who proposes free reign in the housing development, something we saw in Houston. No control, a total disaster. People advocating for no control like to live in third world countries.