Ok, So What Does Ben Carson Mean For Us Gang?


Maybe Ben has been quiet because he is coming out with some major legislation? Yeah, right… and I got a 58 story tower for sale that is as straight as an arrow…



Allow higher density instead of credits win win except for whiney nimbyies


That idiot goes to be grilled by congress and doesn’t know his numbers? The secretary of HUD doesn’t know what the cuts are in numbers?

The best of the best said an idiot somewhere.


Shocking. The government has been “helping” with housing affordability since the 1970’s. That’s also when housing prices stopped matching inflation and started to increase much faster. People keep looking to the government to solve their problems, because they can’t understand how the government is causing their problems.


This is about Carson, stop deflecting Twhitler’s lackey.


Step aside, Ben!!!



HUD can’t fight the zoning and permitting BS in the bay area. The housing “crisis” is specific to certain cities. They should solve it. Most of the country seems to be doing just fine.


Hey, it’s Ben!!!


He better hurry up because if he walks as fast as he talks…we are in trouble!


We hear from Ben’s baby…



Ben? Where are you Ben?


“Over the past 20 years,”

"Under the watchful eye of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), 39 housing authorities created policies that limited the time low-income tenants could live in a public housing complex, established work requirements, or set higher rents through a program called Moving to Work Demonstration (MTW). "

Those are probably good ideas. That way more people get a chance at housing vs. people using it for life. Also, policy decisions are better made at the local level. Do you think NYC and Iowa should have the same housing policy?


As expected…



It’s in the right direction to help poeple achieve self sufficiency. Going extreme on anti-discrimination is counter productive.

“Americans have access to fair, affordable housing and opportunities to achieve self-sufficiency, thereby strengthening our communities and nation,” the new mission statement reads”


Come on, honey, take one for the team…


Wait until Muller is finished with his investigation. Corpses are going to be carried out of the white house as if they had the plague. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It seems that no matter how ridiculous these republicans get, their supporters are always “well, he meant this, he thought of that” but no words on the ridicule world of elitists serving this administration, including that old hag, gag, whichever is the name for witches, that Kellyann flying in private jets with our money.

Have you heard from this lobotomy applied to himself doctor? We are paying him lots of money for nothing.