OMG, Jeff "God" Bezos Is Available!

Hear that, Miss Millennial???

This better not distract him. If he turns into a Musk style playboy, that’s not good.


Hate to quote him at this time, but…

“Nothing Wrong With A Little Bump N Grind”

R Kelly

Will she get half of their Amazon stocks? Since she graduated from Princeton and worked in consulting firms before, hope she will just enjoy her wealth and leave Amazon alone.

Why shouldn’t she get half??? Or a quarter? Or a tenth. Seriously. Being married to him is difficult–probably even after the divorce, she’ll need full-time security.

Gosh, they look so happy together in those pictures… Such a shame. :frowning:

She was there essentially from the get-go, correct? Half!!!

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I want to be the divorce lawyer

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I think everyone on here should know the drill by now - I don’t succumb to money. The “worship me cuz I got the dough” phenomenon only works on losers.


Ok, my bad… just go for his good looks then…

His marriage was too good to be true anyway. He was probably itching to cheat. Plenty of losers around so he wouldn’t have a problem with finding a partner. Same with MacKenzie.

Come on, a 25 year run is not bad…

Why are we to just assume that the man side of the divorce was " itching to cheat?" He is 54 years old, not exactly sporting the libido of a strapping 18 year old. She, on the other hand, is much younger and female…

Geez, talk about a different version of Amazon HQ2 lottery frenzy once again. Pick me, Jeff! No, you want me, Jeff, trust me!

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@manch, Bezos has officially become a playboy. Dump all Amzn now!!! :rofl:

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You want to marry him? :nauseated_face:

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She’ll get some millions and generous alimony for sure.

People have done worse for less money…

25 years of what was probably a happy marriage–can’t imagine anything better.

If you’re going to get a divorce, it’s better to do it early than to spend most of your youth with someone that you’ll eventually divorce. If you are after the money then it’s better to drag it out in Dr. Evil’s case.

She can always use her alimony to hire a boy toy…

A dozen of pretty boys :grimacing: