OMG, Jeff "God" Bezos Is Available!



New richest woman in the world!


She worked under Bezos after graduated from Princeton as a novelist. If she sues him for workplace harassment, she can be richer than Bezos.

Good thing that she was born in SF to an average family. If Bezos is not nice to her, she has no reason to stay married to him. She can access much more wealth and power after dumping Bezos.

It’s unfair to the women who married losers and got nothing after divorce. Maybe some socialists will propose a law to charge a 95% tax on divorce windfall based on source of wealth. If you did not work for the wealth, you pay a hefty tax to help other unfortunate women.

In the non community property states, can a non-working spouse get 50% of the billion dollars? Many wives made similar contributions to the family but the loser husband can’t give them anything after a divorce


Are you high on weed again???


On one occasion they even enjoyed a secret tryst at the very Boston, Mass., hotel the Bezos family stayed at when in town for Parents Day at his son’s MIT campus!

Must be the water at MIT that turns people into sex-craved animals… :thinking:


Is Lauren good at bed work? What is her attraction?


Have you dumped your Amzn yet???


Told y’all so.


How is it unfair? They are losers themselves for choosing them in the first place :roll_eyes:


Uh, as far as I know, there is no such person with both…




Up 3%. I hope that’s not on this news :confused:


Now that Bezos became a playboy, I wouldn’t mind buying some Amzn… :rofl:


Maybe Vanguard could make a playboy fund for you. Tesla, Amazon, and …Playboy brand. The opposite of the socially conscientious funds.


Tesla is socially conscientious; it saves the environment :slight_smile:


Ok, fine, maybe it was the man side…


Uh, Jeff, maybe you can order this on Amazon??? Do you have Prime??? :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Proof that if a guy is rich, then he doesn’t need any game at all.


Hmm, who would you pick??? If it were me, I stay the richest man in the world…


He just doesn’t care to make it work anymore. It’s time for a new toy. It’s a similar effect to folks going on vacation to get a change of scenery.


Why couldn’t the wife and the concubine get along?


Yeah, but when my wife touched down at home after our wonderful Caribbean cruise, she said her usual. “Home, sweet home”…