OMG, Jeff "God" Bezos Is Available!



There is simply not enough Jeff to go around, as you can tell…


They were separated for some time and there was no hurry to get a divorce. This divorce was forced upon Bezos by the tabloid paper. Both the wife and new girlfriend know each other and there was no issues at all.

I suspect that Lauren architected the tabloid story to force Bezos to get a divorce. Once the dating is public, Bezos has to get a divorce to clear his reputation. If Bezos finds out that it was Lauren devised this scheme, he can choose to forgive in the name of love :rofl:


He’s got a good example to follow in the white house.
But don’t tell conservatives. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Sounds very plausible. That’s the media for you. I wasn’t really commenting on the divorce itself, but the need for a new partner.


Sanchez is movin on up:
Former NFL player Tony Gonzalez net worth 20 million dollars
Patrick Whitesell net worth 300 million dollars
Jeff Bezos net worth (currently) 137 Billion dollars


Did Sanchez get anything from the progressively richer husband? She needs to sign prenup to have a small change, not a smart investor.


Bezos so disappointed me. Why can’t he be a good man like me? :smile:

(Much) poorer, but good.


No hotties are attracted to poor souls like you :joy:


Only beta men need to buy love with money. :-1:

HUGE mistake for Jeff. Besides, his original wife is hotter than the gold digger.


Not Bezos fault nor the gold diggers. It’s the fault of the wife of being too possessive and not generous enough to share.


Previously I thought Amazon can be a 3 Trillion company. Now I seriously doubt that. MarkZ now suddenly looks better, with his boring Chinese wife and 2 kids.


Jeff failed the middle step.


Lauren Sanchez can appear as a Model for any plastic surgeon.


seems like she already did (lips and maybe boobs)…


Not close.


what is that, a doll that can be picked in a tourist shop on Grant Ave in Chinatown???


That was the point… she will show up in an ad for a plastic surgeon selling his services to other women, telling them “they can get as hot and beautiful as Lauren”.

Personally, I feel… she looks weird with too much work done… and it’s very obvious.


Her face looks “vicious”. She doesn’t look like a kind and warm person. MacKenzie on the other hand is freaking wholesome. A real human being vs a Ms. Silicone.

Jeff, you are a moron.


Wait, let’s go to his Yelp rating!!!


Thinking of another man’s wife while…


I heard she’s available…