On The Subject Of Schools

this interesting lawsuit came up back east. Will the exclusive school (Goliath) beat the affordable school (David)? Who is going to win?


90 miles away and ruining their reputation? Wonder what the “cheap” school did that is bothering them.

Seems to me that if they cared so much they should’ve filed some sort of trademark on their name.

PS: Could you imagine what would happen to parochial schools or public schools if this they won the case? How many St. Gregory or Notre Dame schools are there in the US? How many John F. Kennedy or Roosevelt schools in the US?

That said, I suppose if you are offering something very particular, like say, the Russian School of Math, you might want to have some branding that goes across the US. Or Kipp or Rocketship.

Is that school any good?

I have no clue. I was just using it as an example as it popped up on a map yesterday and was in my head.

I heard it is excellent for math. However students must also attend the India school of English, German school of history and African school of science. Extra curricular safe discouraged due to the high commute times.


How about the Chinese school of cooking? A must!


On the subject of schools, I met a couple today who lives in the Mission San Jose area of Fremont. They of course pooh poohed as if nothing but I did notice hundred dollars flying out of their pockets every few seconds…:grin:

Perhaps the international school of college cooking?

My oldest is no slouch in the kitchen but not brilliant like the chef routinely impresses friends with mad cooking skills using whatever is available.

My home ec teacher (gives an idea of how old I am) had a weekly contest on Friday to cook a meal with leftover ingredients. Extra points awarded to the team that won. Got an A because of that skill as I almost flunked darning socks and ironing.


Not sure if we touched on this ever, but there is a website called Niche that helps families find their ideal neighborhoods and schools…

Man, that Palo Verdes high school location looks killer…

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And people still wonder why homes are so darn expensive in the Bay…

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How about that school of the red envelope? :smile:

Ok, you complain that she is not competent, etc, etc, etc yet when she tries to come to HELP YOU you turn her away… what a bunch of morons!!!

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I heard that in China computer science is now mandatory. I think it was 2nd or 3rd grade. Not all of them will go onto get a CS degree, but it’s still light years ahead of what the US is doing. So many companies dump all their data in SQL now. You need to be able to write queries to access it.

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" As research has found, school factors explain only about 20 percent of achievement scores — about a third of what student and family background characteristics explain. Consequently, test scores often tell us much more about demography than about schools. Low-income students, for instance, score lower than their more affluent peers, even if they attend high-scoring schools. High-income students, by contrast, score higher than their less privileged peers, even if they attend low-scoring schools."

To me, that right there sums up the whole school funding and taxes debate. People act like equalizing school spending will equalize outcomes for kids. EPA spends more per student than Cupertino does, and we all know the difference in outcomes.

The rest sounds like someone who can’t afford top schools trying to justify why their school is just as good. Sorry, but your Honda isn’t a Ferrari. Even if the Honda is more reliable and gets better gas mileage…

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Sorry, but I have trouble taking anything based on niche data seriously. These are the same guys using self-reported SAT data to rank CA’s private schools. We all know how that goes–one parent sends a letter saying “If your kid scored really well on the SAT, submit your scores on niche. And if they didn’t, well, just make it up!”

Interesting… pay later. Could it work?

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You’d eliminate the vast majority of majors. Schools would lose money on them and know it. Also, what about if people decide to take time off to raise kids?

“The model, they worry, creates an incentive for the school to admit only students it thinks can succeed — which some education officials worry could disadvantage “risky” students who come from low-income backgrounds.”

Yes, loaning money to students that fail is much better. Then they are stuck with student loans and no degree. That really helps them out in life.