One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

"The lion’s share of its apartments would be market-rate: 138 studios, one bedrooms, and two bedrooms to be rented at likely between $3,000 and $6,000 a month. The other 19 units would be affordable to those making 55 percent of the area median income, or $53,300 for a family of three. "

Interesting stat.

If these Latino activists had beem more active in Mexico they might have never have had to leave…It is the tenants rights activists in SF that have made the housing shortage worse, not better…The idea that tenants should be a protected class is BS and unAmerican. …Home buyers have left SF for years because they had too…Why do tenants have more rights than them?

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Again, the burning question @Elt1 is, “Why is rent control legal in this country?”

Tenants out number owners in big cities. …tyranny of the majority. .And they outnumber buyers everywhere…

Rent control reduces supply of new housing and increases house prices in the long run.

I hope America gets to keep the values that kept it at the top of the world which is free market and Capitalistic economy.

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Actually it is not legal in MA anymore. It got put on a statewide ballot. All those outside of the cities voted to make it illegal, while Bostoners were in favor of keeping it.

Pretty smart move by the developers!

Majority of CA live in big cities where majority are renters…They are the problem

Exactly. One would think Mass or any state of the matter would have a majority of renters to keep it in. How in the heck did they pull it off? Come on, Jerry, there must be something you can do.

Not necessarily. You can have renters who don’t see a need for rent control because they are living in the suburbs. In MA’s case, the votes against rent control came from everywhere but Boston.

As far as rent control, I get it…everybody hates their landlord. .?Kill the landlord, stick it to the Man.?.But everyone hates the cable company too…What about controlling their rates…Our how the water companies they raised rates so much people us less and they have to charge even more because they say they lose money…I hate them the most.

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That doesn’t hold water for me. If I were a renter, I would want to maintain the status quo since I would be thinking ahead that it may impact me, even in the burbs, one day. I would be thinking the cities are bursting at the seams, so it could spread to me. Keep it, just in case.

Or, maybe they were just smarter than the crazies here (with their referendums to halt all building even) and all of them had remembered their lessons from Econ 1.

On the contrary, in the burbs, housing is more affordable and renters see themselves one day as owners and then landlords. And as I said, it was a MA-wide referendum. That includes people 2 hours away from Boston. We’re talking people who are never going to see Boston commuters creep into their area ever.

Yes, good points but again how can we make CA a rent control free state? That is the end goal (for me). Can we make it happen here? If anything, more recently, we are seeing cities moving TOWARDS rent control.

Make it a statewide referendum before the Bay Area and LA get too big.

California leans far too left. Move to Texas. Granted, the lack of rent control and ease of developing keeps rents low there.

Yeah, if we keep leaning far enough left, the coast really will drop into the ocean like in Superman :slight_smile:


I am a reluctant liberal. I identify more with the Dems in recent years mostly because the R’s are going cuckoo insane. It has become a xenophobic and increasingly racist party. What happened to the party of Reagan?

Take this for example:

That’s a poll in Texas. So the Democratic party is now the party of free trade? What does the R stand for nowadays? Building walls? Locking down bathrooms?

We need a business friendly party, and the Republicans are increasingly NOT it.


Wait, aren’t international trade deals the ones where our senators agree behind our backs that China can send us food and we won’t let anyone know the country of origin anymore?

Yeah, I’m opposed to trade deals too then. I kind of like my food deleaded just like my gasoline.

It’s mostly the other way around. We are sending China our corn, wheat, beef and pork. Unless you are talking about those traditional Chinese stuff in Ranch 99 like soy sauce and such we hardly eat any food imported from China.