Oregon Students Don't Have to Read, Write or do Math Anymore

Page 2, Section 3 (among other places).

Equality of outcome instead of equality of opportunity, essentially killing meritocracy. Bunch of well meaning but deluded people destroying what made this country innovative and successful.


Oregon became communist?

@hanera Tim Cook should hire every one of them at Apple as AI/ML/Semiconductor engineers :wink: Joke

Also Pat Gelsinger should do the same, since Intel traditionally has had a large presence in Oregon :slight_smile:

In an article in support of affirmative action the author made an argument that the idea of merit and opportunity is offensive to the unsuccessful people. Go figure.

State will do well and save lot of taxpayer monies just by printing the diplomas and mailing it to the students.



Cheaper to hire other primates like chimpanzees :slight_smile:

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No, just stupid.
China would never be this stupid with their education system. Doubt even North Korea would.

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Are people actually surprised? This is now mainstream. It goes along with eliminating standardized tests for college admission.

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Socialist countries are very good at producing large number of scientists, engineers, doctors and graduates of other kind. A large number of such graduates cannot be gainfully employed and end up being a social burden - people with higher degree but low earning potential. Oregon will soon be one of such mecca of higher education. Universalization of higher education (free college) will lead to wasted year 6 years (18-24) for the people who should instead be working and acquiring some useful life skills.

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In the US socialist states are very good at producing large numbers of graduates with social science degrees. They’ll be pulling espressos at Starbucks for life and still paying on their student loans with their social security checks.


The stupidity In Oregon is not about socialism but reverse racism. It is the idea that by lowering standards minorities will given a level play field. All it will mean is that Oregon graduates will have no value in the work environment. Lowering standards assumes that minorities aren’t as smart as whites…. Prima facia racism.


Again it is a case of an incompetent workman blaming the tools. socialists blame standards, rules, law, natural systems (free market and merit) for some people performing low in tests and life.

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This happened in NYU, i.e. NY not Oregon but similar topic.


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Did they implement woke admission standards? This is what’s going to happen, so those kids can graduate.


No paywall. NYU Chemistry Professor Fired After Students Said His Class Was Too Hard

The rebuttal from NYU:

“So, what exactly would be the argument for renewal of this appointment? NYU has lots of hard courses and lots of tough graders among the faculty - they don’t end up with outcomes like this. Surely, among the many things a university should stand up for - including academic freedom, academic rigor, and a robust research enterprise - one of them should be good teaching. Good teaching shouldn’t be pitted against rigor as an excuse for poor teaching; good teaching and rigor are perfectly compatible, and the latter is not a threat to the former at NYU.”

I’m sure the truth is somewhere in the middle… Or Princeton is a way harder school than NYU.

I actually think this one is different from the Oregon story. This is just a business decision, plain and simple. Customers are always right. You have to adapt to win businesses. Of course it puts a small dent on the school’s reputation but after weighing all options I am sure the dean made the right call.

Lots of upscale brands like Gucci decide to cash in by slapping their exclusive brand name on everything. It’s usually just a short term boost; cheapening a brand ultimately cheapens it’s appeal.

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Do you want a doctor that failed Organic Chemistry? Definitely the hardest subject when I was in school. I have heard stories about cheating and sabotaging others work. I am now suspicious of any younger persons qualifications… standards have been slipping for years. The woke crowd will literally destroy our society.


Interesting blog post… He argues against Organic Chemistry as a determining factor for med school, but does want to see more stats and ability to read and judge research papers:

" 3. No matter what happened with Maitland Jones, we have to acknowledge that organic chemistry is absolutely useless as a prerequisite for medical school. 99% of practicing doctors could not pass a elementary organic chemistry exam, because it is not necessary or pertinent to the day-to-day practice of medicine. Being able to assess information, reading studies, talking to people, solving problems, those are vital skills. Some say that organic chemistry teaches discipline or problem solving, even if the content is irrelevant. But this is a foolish argument. You can make students memorize state and national capitals to test wrote memorization and it would be equally irrelevant for being a doctor. Or memorize baseball statistics from the 1950s. In fact, memorizing sports trivia might be better to connect with your patients. The prerequisites for medical school have to make sense. We are using standards that were developed hundreds of years ago, and that have not been updated. Medical educators are scared to change. I don’t know if Maitland Jones has to go, but Orgo certainly does."

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More from the post:

  1. The reason the article is resonant is that regardless of the truth in this situation many people agree with the broader cultural point. Universities seem less like a place that challenges students, and more like a customer service industry trying to capture their business. This is evident in their cafeterias which serve opulent food trying to get the higher earning children’s parents to send their kids there. The dorm rooms are nicer. The gyms are nicer. It’s like going to a spa. Many universities don’t want to offer ideas that may offend the students. They want safe spaces from ideas. They want to capitulate to every demand the students have. And students also want to guarantee the grades they get. A generation raised on participation trophies gone mad.When I was a student, it would be unthinkable to submit a petition like this. When I was a student if you got a bad grade, you blamed yourself first and foremost. And you set out to do better. And I’ve had many s***** teachers. Teachers that were incompetent and inept, some even had the wrong answers to questions. What did I do? I didn’t complain about it. I figured out a way to outsmart the system and still get a good grade. Because that’s what it takes to succeed in life. That’s the real secret. Ironically if you want to be a good doctor the best skill you could possibly have is figuring out how to advance your cause in the face of a relentless, grueling, heartless system. When your patient needs something, you find a way to bend and flex every rule and program to make sure your patient gets it. Maitland Joneses are a dime a dozen. Finding ways to succeed even with a Maitland Jones standing in your way is the secret to being a good doctor. Insurance companies are Maitland Jones. Pharmaceutical companies are Maitland Jones. The journals are Maitland Jones. You can’t sign petitions to replace all of them. You’ve got to figure out a way to outsmart the system for the best interest of the person in your office.
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