Palo Alto shack asking for 3M

In the yard you can definitely hear the train passing by, but inside houses with double pane windows it should be pretty faint, not enough to wake you up except the very sensitive type.

Caltrain is electrifying their tracks. Once complete they can switch to lighter electric trains which should reduce noise, at least that’s what they claim. But even the current Caltrain trains are not that noisy, unless they blow the horns. But then if high-speed rails come through there will be many more trains than what we have now so noise level will go up.

I have a rental very close to BART tracks in Oakland. Now THAT IS loud. Even with double pane windows it’s hard to hear anyone on the phone when trains pass by. And BART have many more trains than Caltrain. And BART trains are already electric. My tenants seem ok though.

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Yea, I was quite surprised by sold price on Ely house too. It’s a nice block though, other than proximity to Alma & Train crossing. It’s not just train track, also being closer to crossing where they will blow the horn. I don’t remember if Charleston is in the list of crossing that they are building over/under pass.

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@Boolean You are right. It’s the grade crossing that’s the problem. How far from crossing do you think is ok distance? Is half mile a manageable if not optimal distance?

I think this one is over priced too, probably ~3.8? They say new construction, but it looks to me like it is down to stud remodel and some extension. What do you guys think? What’s requirement to say it is new construction?

I think it varies from family to family. My wife is quite sensitive to noise, but I am not that much. Personally, .5 mile is probably safe choice when you think of potential buyers when you resell. But even that distance, you will still hear the horn in the middle of the night, probably you can still hear it from 1 miles away.

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I live around 0.5 mile from Caltrain tracks and 1.5 miles from intersection. There are several potential issues with Caltrain lines:

  1. Train blows horn at intersection. If grade separation is build, the trains do not need to blow the horn.

  2. After electrification, there are suppose to be more frequent train schedules.

  3. If the high speed rail use the line, then those trains can travel at higher speed causing more noise.

1 is potentially issue for me. Whenever I’m up around midnight to 2am, I can hear the train horns clearly. It doesn’t wake me up if I’m sleeping. These are not Caltrain, but freight train using Caltrain tracks. This can be bothersome to some, depending on your sensitivity and how far you are from the tracks or intersection.

2 and 3 are not issue for me. I cannot hear the trains during daytime. And in normal situation (non-COVID), I’m at work anyways.


Only $1300 a ft seems very lowballed. Pending after 9 days.

Another Eichler:

5 bd but only 1992 sq ft? must be really small bedrooms

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Eichlers are known for small bedrooms . These were entry level crap shacks when built

Price for this one seems pretty reasonable? If you can call PA house prices reasonable. House is small but lot at 7k ft is decent sized.

Menlo. Underpriced?

Why do those down spouts have to be right at the entrance of the house? Looks like someone slipped up.

I see a lot of houses use rain chains which look much better than the solid downspouts.

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Now that you mentioned it… yeah they do look kinda odd.

Meh, crumby schools. North Fair Oaks…

+train noise…

Wow didn’t expect the amount of hate towards this MP house… So what do people think it will finally sell for? Bear in mind it’s a Redfin “Hot Home” FWIW.

This is basically Palo Alto price:

So Palo Alto is becoming more affordable relative to neighboring cities.

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Pending after 9 days.

Not PA but, definitely PA price in San Carlos, nicely redone though.