Parents sue 30-year-old son to move out of house


Actually, the Y-haplogroup of Native Americans is Q. Chinese people is O. Most Europeans is R. Q & R share the same common ancestor of P. P is not O’s ancestor.

So, from a paternal ancestry standpoint, Native Americans are more related to Europeans than Chinese.


You are wrong. There are no Native Americans. The people you call Native Americans migrated here from Northern China 12,000 years ago. No human beings originated here.


Actually, they did not migrate from Northern China but from the Altai Mountains in Siberia. Just a little technicality to your otherwise legitimate statement :slight_smile:


Bottom line: they were Asians before they were Americans.

But then weren’t we all Africans?


We were all just bacteria a billion years ago.


There were also Vikings in north america :slight_smile:


Nah, i came from another planet. Battlestar gallactica says so.


Someone had a kid with this idiot.


She’s probably an idiot too. Birds of a feather flock together.


I’m impressed that he bothered to dress in a suit.

I’m relieved that the judge ordered him out.


My mom keeps sliding this article under my door. Weird…

I know that area of upstate New York well. Job prospects are weak (still, no excuse) but housing costs are very, very low. It’s possible to get along with a reasonable job and house yourself pretty easily. This isn’t an issue of being lazy, but one of mental health IMHO.

He been interviewed by some of the cable shows and they do pay a small stipend for being on TV. Even that small cash boost alone would be enough to move out right away.

My .02c


Her mom? What about his dad?


All humans originated from an African cave :slight_smile: So we are all immigrants including Chinese in China.
By native, we really mean the first human race to migrate there. Please not human ancestors :slight_smile: which is odd because all living things originate from the same single cell i.e. we are all natives.


She was likely drunk. Very drunk.

I love the interviewer’s questions!

“Do you have a job? Do you want a job? Are you working on that?”



He looks like a young Bernie Sanders… Future liberal politician.


The unfortunate upshot of this publicity is that not even an idiot is going to give him a job.


Obviously you didn’t watch the interview (dont blame you because it is painful to see). He plainly stated he doesn’t feel he should be classified with millenials as he is CONSERVATIVE. At the very end, however, he does concede: “I AM a Millennial.”


Michael Rotondo: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

There is a trend of American young adults failing to launch, and there was even a movie made about it. “45 percent of young adults in New Jersey between the ages 18 and 34 now live with their parents,” according to Psychology Today.

“Failure-to-launch is the collective name for the difficulties so many young people today are having in assuming the self-sufficiency and responsibilities of adulthood, and it is a rapidly growing problem,” the site reports.

Signs that a young person suffers from the syndrome include “Deflecting responsibility for their actions… Little motivation for activities that pertain to school and full-time work…Poor work ethic towards individual responsibilities,” reports Psychbytes.


He says conservative? He does not know what that means. He reminds me of the joke about a dog when his owner realizes his dog is a Democrat.


From the article:

“Villa Italian Kitchen, a pizza restaurant, is now offering Rotondo a job. It’s not clear whether Rotondo will take them up on it.”

NO FREAKING WAY!!! Dude… take the job…