Parents sue 30-year-old son to move out of house


"“Mostly, I need to start packing my boxes so I can move,” he told “But I have to pay for the boxes, which might be a problem.”

Oh goodness. He doesn’t even know how to dumpster dive???

“The boy now lives with his mother full time, who Michael says he was never married to, or in a relationship with.””

Interesting… So maybe I was right about “very drunk.”


I repeat my offer to exchange this a-hole for 10 hardworking immigrants, legal or otherwise.


I wish it worked that way.


That would be a regime worse than Hitler’s.


He’s a bum, and he’s a Nazi.


If he better looking he could try a career as a gigolo…Not qualified to do much else…


He clearly has a career as an actor or a comedian. Maybe he can make money on reality TV.

Has he accepted his job offer yet? Inquiring minds are waiting… waiting… waiting…


BTW: I like the top comment:

"Ugh, why are only the cringiest examples of multigenerational living ever shown in the media?

And only the freeloading adult kids, never kids supporting their parents or contributing equally. "

I do have to agree that there is a value judgement here that ignores the reality of various cultures.

WHITE children are expected to get out of the house and be on their own–even if they’re working. In probably any other culture, multi-generation living is accepted.

So if you’re white, you’re judged one way, but if you’re Chinese and living in your parents house (and working), that’s ok. If you’re Indian and living in your parents house (and working), that’s ok. If you’re Hispanic, and living in your family house with your parents AND their PARENTS, and your siblings, and working OR babysitting yours and other kids, you’re building up the family in the American immigrant dream.

But if you’re white, working, and home, you’re a bum.


Good PR for them. I hope it works out for both of them if he takes the job. Either way, good PR for the pizza place. Very clever.


The important thing is his parents think he is bum…They are of Italian heritage…In Italy kids stay at home till they marry and the mother’s baby their sons…Same in Russia…My mother in law lived with her mother her whole life…Now after mother died she feels no reason to keep living…We tried have her living with us for 6 months…She and both of us were miserable…My wife took her back to Russia this week…


I agree. It also depends upon who is making the judgment. If a white kid stays at home with his parents even after he has a job, asian parents may think he is very nice. :smile:



And that’s another point—in some cultures/countries women aren’t even allowed to live on their own. So ironic.


Kids get their revenge in other creative ways:


The fact is this bearded 30 year old “kid” never had a job and didn’t help with chores nor money. He’s a bum in every culture.

His parents asked him to leave. Again, I don’t care which culture you are looking at. When the host asked you to leave, you leave. That’s it. No need to look for cultural meaning or whatnot.


To be fair he actually worked at Best Buy twice (but was terminated) and once started a computer business according to the article hanera posted.

Not only is he a bum but a risk to those around him:

  • He has weapons, which his mother suggested he sell

  • He was arrested for stalking a woman at her residence

  • He appealed to regain visitation rights to his child using his “poor person” status

I’d like to hope he might be able to offer something to his child, but if he won’t even lift a finger to try and provide for himself, there is little chance.


I envy him. All I’ve ever wanted was to be a bum and mooch off of others. When I look into the mirror, I’m seeing a completely different person than what I truely am inside… :pensive:


So sad for you, wuqijun. I wanted to be a warlord but now squatting at home as a bum. How ironic. Both of us don’t get our desire.




I suspect the weapons and the visitation rights and this incident are very related. I’m guessing he lost the visitation rights for some reason–could be the weapons, could be he’s just not a good model for the kid, could be the mother doesn’t ever want to deal with him–then I suspect he got angry, and the parents feared for their safety.

And I think overall, the parents also see the lack of job as contributing to the removal of visitation rights. Could be.


I guess we are never going to know the whole story. But him getting kicked out by his parents was directly related to his losing visitation rights.

You can tell he doesn’t know what he is in for yet. Soon he will have to face the harsh realities of being on his own. I hope he takes the pizza job. He could wind up in a homeless shelter.