Parents sue 30-year-old son to move out of house


Which part of NC? Research Triangle, Raleigh or Durham?


Work in the bay, save up, move while still youngish to enjoy life.


How can your quality of life be better when you are constantly in regret of the dumb financial move you made by leaving the Bay Area.




Not everyone is motivated by financial gain :smiley:


First, Cash Rich does not bring quality.

Regarding finance, no matter where people are, same rule applies Savings = income - expenses, as long as continuous savings positive and it goes to proper investments, people can improve their financials.

See WB does not belong to bay area, but Omaha !


Dude, you must be really fixated on this. People in a lot of other countries are much happier even when GDP per capita of that country is very low.

Happiness != absolute amount of money.

It’s more about how much can your money get you and how much you need.


When you’re rich like WB you can live anywhere. But if you are not, better stick with the rich metros.


Preach that to the Zimbabweans.


Let’s take it to extremes. got it.


Happiness comes from heart, but not from money alone. Plenty of people happy without rich like bay area people here.

If you are satisfied with whatever money you have, be it $100 or $1000 or 100k, you will feel happy.


You are preaching to the wrong choir on this forum.


Happy folks like him?



He was actually happier when he was a hobo before the fame. So maybe @jil does have a point :rofl:


I still don’t get what’s so special about him. A hobo is a hobo.


He’s the best looking hobo out there…


Badass looking, you mean.


All hobos look disgusting :sweat:




It just struck me we didn’t talk about RE at all today!! :scream: