Parents sue 30-year-old son to move out of house



Why can’t he accept free packing materials? Sheesh.


This dude can make $$$ out of his notoriety. He already made a good start appearing on nut job TV shows.


Was thinking the same thing.


So this dude is not as bad as what his parent portray.


It could be worse. Way worse.


Killing your parents for money when they lived in a mobile home. These punks must have flunked mathematics… would have done better robbing banks.


Having children isn’t always bad. I’ve been supporting my parents for almost 20 years and going… I’m a dream son :slight_smile:


For those who didn’t read the article, they are not Chinese.


You behave wrongly. For those who believe in incarnation, children return to seek revenge. Your spouse return to thank you for your good deed. Have you done any good deeds in your last life? If so, be patient, your time will come. Your next life should be good :slight_smile:


They just look dumb.


Another episode in “sons behaving badly”.


Perhaps it’s news like these that make people not want to have kids, not RE:


In the 19th century kids were assets. They worked the farm for you and did what they were told…Now they do nothing and sue you…a liability


Rich people always have fewer kids. It’s pyramid shaped population distribution.


Officially? But many mistresses and … children :joy:


Cause or effect? Possible that people with kids are leaving and people without are moving in. In fact, that’s just what happened on my street–couple with kids replaced by couple without.


where did they go - do you know?


Arizona. Other friends are planning to go to Oregon (they have a job lined up and her parents are there).


During dot com boom a number of my co-workers relocated to North Carolina (lateral move within same company). While they were better off for a few years (financially) in the long run whoever stayed in the bay area smoked the ones who relocated. Otoh, the ones who moved to NC probably had a better quality of life. Interestingly a few that moved to NC (and later back to China or India) moved back to the bay area in the last 2-3 years.