Perfect Example Why China Will Never Be Greater Than U.S


Here, tax evasion makes you President…


Huh? Title and content mismatched.


You need to think out of a box to relate the unrelated :joy:


china needs money to save the country man… they’re at a war with US now
she’s a very good red soldier.


Well, it is a reach of mine but I think legitimate and speaks to how China cracks down on everything and everybody, INCLUDING a very famous celebrity. So, if even someone like that is literally detained without due process, how does an average joe fair in such a society? No chance. That, is why I am saying what I said. Get it, now???


I get that you have no chance surviving in China… :rofl:


Well, true right… whereas here, the average joe has a fighting chance with some freedom. It is all it is cracked up to be…


If in country X breaking the law gets you in trouble, versus country Y where breaking the law makes you the president, which country has better rule of law?


30 years ago, was 10x better to be here in America than China. Today, maybe just 2x better. 30 years from now, will only be slightly better.


Depending on location on both country really. Hk is china too


Well, let’s use Mr. Austin’s fav city/state, Singapore, as a reference point. Tough laws right but def not Draconian Big Bro stuff where you can’t do this or do that on the internet. Country is great, no? One can argue a better place to be than here…


Take an average situation.


Compare a city-state with an empire?
Are we sure there is no due process?
Is China required to keep ABCs informed of and/ or obtain their approvals?


China considers anyone with a drop of Chinese blood to be its subject. So people like @sfdragonboy who thinks that he is beyond its reach and can badmouth about it whenever he wishes will be in for a rude awakening and dealt with in due time… :rofl:


Uh, I don’t think they care about a +50 year old man, posting like a mad man about Sunset homes rocking the overbids…


I think you mentioned that Mao jacket one too many times… :rofl:


interesting you say this. I worked at a biotech company where there was a director from China. Apparently he was very well connected back home in China (father was a top politician or something in one of the main provinces). All the other Chinese people at the company treated him with HUGE respect, it was very obvious (even when he didn’t deserve it). He also had an arrogance and “spoiled brat” air about him. He was clearly “different”. I never understood it until someone explained to me that it was because of his family’s power back home (Most other Chinese employees still had tons of family back home of course)


Huh? Interesting observation but what does that have to do with what I said?


Actually, now that you mentioned it, I was planning to go back to China and lay claim to our property back there since my mother said we still “own” it. Better not wear my SFDRAGONBOY sweatshirt at customs…


See what I mean… that’d be the beginning of your troubled journey back home… :rofl: