Perfect Example Why China Will Never Be Greater Than U.S


Damn it, no China property for you!!!


wear i love XI t-shirt, make sure your wechat/whatsapp conversion don’t have any anti-china conversation, don’t wear yellow or bring yellow umbrella…


Also, leave the “Crazy, Rich, Asians” t-shirt at home???


i was responding to this


Very nice… dragonboy just got warned again… :rofl:


Man, I am not losing any sleep regarding China. There is a much better chance that I end up living part time in Malaysia or Singapore later anyway. My wife has a particular dislike for China that she would not want to live there at all. She thinks all China mainlanders are rude and pushy.


That’s because most Chinese think Southeast Asians are a substandard kind of Asians, so the animosity is mutual.


Well, let’s actually look at their behaviors, shall we? I rarely ever see Southeast Asians do the following:

  1. clip their freaking nails on the bus
  2. rush or push past people who are actually in line ahead of them
  3. the classic, spitting out on public streets

I have found Southeast Asians to be way more polite and reserved and understanding. Maybe the China folks are used to have to really fight for their piece of everything so they are a tad more rough…


That’s why they got pushed out of the South China Sea by China. You got to be tough or get crushed.

Also, they are worse in terms of behavior: they like to riot against people better off than them and destroy their businesses.



Just in case I never get back there, I will have to see Hong Kong this way…


No need to go, stay in America is better… :rofl:


Another one?



i saw an article in chinese they forced the capture muslim to eat pork haha


Well at least the Chinese didn’t lock the kids in cages Trump style.


China is going down a path that America used to walk. This reminds me of the treatment of Native Americans by European colonists.


oh man…


Eat up!!!



Well, in the 21st century??? Way different times no???


and except china has been in that region for centuries already.