Perfect Example Why China Will Never Be Greater Than U.S


Genocide by germs? Doubt China would do that. Then Europeans can get away with killing one third of the world population, now China is ostracized for locking up one tax evading celebrity. Time has changed.


Life is never fair… :rofl:


Joking aside, this kind of internment is wrong and counter productive. You only made the people angrier and more susceptible to extremist Islam.

Xi is cracking down hard and taking the whole country back to Maoist time. He is the absolute worst leader after Mao and whacking the excellent foundation laid down by the great Deng. As an ethnic Chinese it really makes me sad.


Xi doesn’t really have anything to do with what is happening to Xinjiang right now. The same has been happening before he established power.


And what is he doing against it?


Why would he be doing anything against it?



Uh, you DO know that picture was fake?


The picture that went viral was actually from during the Obama administration.


There were several, at least one was faked. And the Honduran girl in the pink jacket who appeared on the cover of Time and elsewhere was never separated from her parents. The whole story was fake - as you point out, instituted under Obama, not Trump. A 9th circuit decision in 2015 triggered it.


Yes, I remember that photo too. It’s actually similar to the polar bear photo that went viral as a sign of global warming.


@wuqijun: you deflect when someone criticizes your race. You call others names. don’t have the balls to take it. watch yourself and you will see it.


Well well well, aren’t you the one who first insulted @hanera, and then insulted me and @buyinghouse? Rearing your ugly head again…


They cover one lie with another. The polar bear population has at least doubled since the 1970’s.


Screw the polar bears.
Signed by their favorite snack
The seals :sunglasses:


Hmmm, where did he go?


The government has done its job.


Ooops, my bad…


We should never forget the freedoms we have here in the good old US of A…