Pg&e bombed

who is buying is the question?

No one here.


CREDIT CRUNCH! For a utility that spends spends spends, that is a killer

they have preemptively taken every single dollar form their existing lines of credit before they got cut off. No new ones coming. They may run out of cash before any of the fire responsibility issues get resolved.

I smell a bailout, or some kind of government intervention for sure. Kiss the dividend goodbye…

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They already suspended the dividend at the end of last year.

You know the reason why it is down? Just go out side and see the air quality …:rofl:

I know :slight_smile:

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I know you know ! Just kidding !

Basically, PCG is likely to go down heavily further esp in this falling environment. Catching the falling knife is not right.

CA politicians have publicly stated that they want to socialize PG&E. Why would anyone buy it? It was headed for a state-forced BK before the present fires ever happened.

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Who would have thought? :slight_smile:
Probably someone with material knowledge leaked the news?

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@Rent_and_Vent, you correctly predicted the bailout. Hope you bought some stock. Up 47%.

After hours are not correct indication, esp situation like this

After hours NVDA may be right, but not PCG, it may be a result of someone/some systen purchased wrongly

Tomorrow regular hours, we will know the correct picture of PCG.

Don’t want me to make a few hundred barks :disappointed_relieved:

It was at 25 yesterday and goes back to 25 tomorrow. Big deal.

Invest! Don’t speculate.

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Fair amount of activity:

WQJ replied => Invest! Don’t speculate. Waste of time & Energy and lot of stress, not worth it.

If you really want to make long term growth, go for STNE. This is the IPO WB bought 11%, walmart Ron bought 22% and Baba Ant bought 5%.

Now, the shares came down to $24 or even below to $23.5 (less than what they paid), the results are coming on Nov 26th (Black Monday). This company is in Brazil and already is profit mode.

This is for long hold like AAPL, TEVA and TSLA. I trust WB as he would have taken enough research before putting his money. It is rare for him to go for IPO

So far, I have not purchased additional TSLA as AAPL and STNE is keeping on going down and I keep on buying again and again with DCA. Even now I placed GTC at $23.5.

This is hold for 5 years or more. But, it is up to you to analyze and decide.

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pardon my ignorance - are they brazillian company? or do they operate in usa as well? i should do more reading, but developing markets have a huuge macroeconomic risk.

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You are right, they are brazillian company. Other than seeing in the map, I do not know anything about Brazil economy.

Limited documents online.

Read the Letter from founders, nice history about company.

Huge macroeconomic risk = True, My trust is on Warren Buffet team. To my knowledge, they never invested during IPO time. Looks to me a surprise and I assume they would have done all the research before entering into.

For example, how many months (with few millions budget) our company takes to implement a project and how many meetings, analysis during the project cycles to ensure that money invested meets the goal of the project.

Before investing millions/Billions, Berkshire team would have researched enough before entering any companies (but still can go wrong like some of our projects) as their amount is always big.

This is why I trust them than any other investors as their success rate (70%-80%) is higher.

STNE and PAGS are leaders in Brazil. (PagSeguro Digital Ltd. (PAGS))

When the stock came below their paid price $24, it is attractive now. We have a chance to beat him too !

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PG&E Shares Surges After Regulator Signals No Bankruptcy Interest

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