Please advice: minimum space needed for a full bath

I am planning to convert my hallway closet space into a full bath. This is a single level SFH in Fremont with crawl space underneath. The width of the existing closet is about 3 feet and the length is about 8 feet. I am looking to put a small stall shower (32x32 inches) and am alright with a small pedestal sink.

I would really appreciate your advice on any permit issues in Fremont, as well as, any suggestions for a good contractor.

Thanks so much in advance.

Standard minimum sized full bath is 5 by 7. 2’ vanity, 2.5’ toilet, 2.5’ bath adds up to 7’ deep. You don’t have enough space. You have enough to do a two piece bathroom


I spoke with a building contractor few minutes ago and they told me that they can build a bath without a tub (just a shower stall). What’s a two piece bathroom? A half-bath?

Thanks for the reply.

Right. Sink and toilet only, and the doorway would have to be in the middle of the long-side. No way to get all three in–you couldn’t walk past the sink to get to the toilet. Unless you can somehow put the sink OVER the toilet.


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Two piece would be any two of:

  1. toilet
  2. shower
  3. tub
  4. sink

The issue you have is clearance in front of each fixture. Assuming 3’ is your width, it just isn’t possible for a full bath. You should be able to squeeze in a two piece with either a shower or toilet facing the entry door.

Just keep in mind that this is a non-standard bathroom at 3’ wide.

That’s right, those toilet/sink combos. Even with that it isn’t possible unless the entry is from the middle of the 8’.

Wait, are there really toilet sink combos??? So cool.

I bet the Japanese invented them.

Come to think of it, weren’t we discussing toilet shower combos? :slight_smile:

I stayed at a place in Japan with that set up. Not a fan.

#2 in a tub happens with kids and is awesome.

What if we go for a pedestal sink (no vanity at all) in the center facing the entry with a sliding door? Then can we fit a toilet and a small shower stall on the two sides?

Min is 5x8…A shower makes it a 3/4 bath…Or put the sink and toilet in the shower…like a boat…Just make the whole room a shower with a sink and toilet…store your towels outside the room


Why do you want the shower in your hallway?

there was a thread a few months ago that discussed toilet - sink combos… as in “kitchen sink”

In some countries they put the shower next to the toilet with little room in between. You just need a dry place to store the toilet paper.

Make sure you do it legally. I have been to open houses and the explanations to questions about an office being called a room and why there are 2-1/2 baths when the list says 2 are laughable.

@Terri, there is no other place to put the second bathroom in our house. The bedrooms are really small and the family room is small too.

Someone suggested that the toilet can be placed in a corner in a diagonal position giving it more room. Then a pedestal sink (with no vanity) can be put right next to it, possibly giving room for a small stall shower.

I see.

Is there any way to inset a small sink into the wall?

Pedestal sink takes up just that much space. Like this one:

I have a corner pedestal sink in a tiny spare 1/2 bath which could leave a small opening for a thinner person to squeeze by if there were a shower stall on the opposite side. However, with a shower, the main issue would be ventilation.

Here is a pdf with Fremont’s residential bathroom code which I searched up:

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@Whoami, what are your 1/2 bath dimensions? What if the toilet was in the corner and pedestal sink (about 1 foot depth) in the middle of the bathroom? Then there would be enough room to walk to the shower, right?

Its about 3x5, so a 3x3 shower at the other end might work for you. It might be too small for others (future buyers) and you should check the dimensions on the pdf though.

note: that is the finished size. I think a 3x8 space (raw) might be cutting it too close after hardibacker / tiling / plumbing are accounted…

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