Predictions for Sunnyvale, Cupertino


Ok back to price guessing:
721 San Simeon St, SUNNYVALE, CA 94085 - 3 beds/3 baths
321 E Arbor Ave, SUNNYVALE, CA 94085 - 3 beds/2 baths

Which one would you buy and why?


321 E Arbor no brainer.


That’s what I was thinking, but that makes san simeon a non profit charity work.


Does this house still have popcorn ceiling after remodeling?
I suspect that they still have galvanized iron water pipe and old roof.
Looks like they did only beautification.


They don’t need to do that to get top dollars in this market.


But if arbor is better, and had to get price cut, how is san simeon profitable?


Arbor is dated. People are more willing to pay top dollars for brand new turn key.

But turn key properties hold the least value for the buyer. Compare this to buying a new car vs a used car. You always save more money buying a used one but it’s much less glamorous.


No i get that, but the flipper of san simeon must be expecting at least 100-200K profit, no? How much do you think he spent?

I guess it’s hot home and maybe it won’t matter.


Why you don’t think the flippers can make at least 100k profit out of this?


10% didn’t sound that high, that’s why?


Just think about it. We are in a buying frenzy. You can make money even if you remodeled the house with your eyes blind-folded.


Maybe your appetite is too big. Who cares how much the flipper is making. He can lose money for all I care. What matters is how much YOU yourself make.


Both are different, mutually exclusive of other sale.


Even if flipper spends $1, he will get 1M profit if some buyers are ready to pay. USA is business economy, it is demand vs supply.

The seller may get an offer above 1.75 M (IMO).

No, 1.6368 seems to be too low, check the redfin estimate $1,794,637 for e.arbor and zillow gives $1,745,962.


Arbor dropped its price, was: 1688000 now: 1488000, also arbor is a slightly bigger home, and san simeon doesn’t look super flashy.

Another data point: (busy road, but otherwise probably better flip-job).

I guess we will see in maybe a week.


Looks like Market action is lower than both zillow and redfin, In that case, it may settle somewhat lower between 1.65M and 1.7M.

But, we never know until final offer is accepted and sold.


The bidding war is always complicated, but my guess for San Simeon would have been 1.508. Can’t tell, now especially when adding cost to renovate + prior buy price.

That area has many homes this week:


North Sunnyvale is getting more crowded. 237 corridor will be more valuable, North San Jose / Milpitas are in blast radius.


Did I see Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook (red dot) in one map view? LinkedIn is just 3 or so miles away from that. And there is Juniper network.




Poor you…