Predictions for Sunnyvale, Cupertino


lakewood sunnyvale will go up bigtime. look at this listing.


I lost out earlier this year on this one. My bid was $1M.


Deleon Realty mentioned that neighborhood recently. Something along the lines of having the most potential. I haven’t checked, but I would be curious if he has personally bought there. I know of two other neighborhoods that, wait three that he has bought in before and two that he still owns.


here is that article.


Oh wow, These were 800k to 1m not long ago.


I passed on this one back in the day. Went below ask. This area was not desirable at all, but just like 95054 Santa Clara even the light industrial parts of the towns are rocketing up.


From 2013, the year that Apple Park was approved by the city of Cupertino, to 2017, the average home price in Birdland shot up from just over $1.1 million to nearly $1.9 million.

72% in 4 years… is that very different from other desirable areas in terms of %?


It’s not that different. I think data point is more so for the last 6-8 months. Prices were still around 1M for some.

Anything SFH under 1M is getting snatched up in the south bay it seems.


I used to rent in that area till 2015 & didn’t buy there. :expressionless:

Just a real life anecdote, a guy(Stanford Phd) moved from there(94089) to a good school district because he was having a 2nd kid and his wife wasn’t working & he couldn’t afford/didn’t want to send 2 kids to private school.


You should know these guys on the forum like to exaggerate the prospects of these so-called “hot” neighborhoods. As if prices in these neighborhoods are going to shoot up 500% faster than the rest. You go crazy if you had to listen to them and chase after these homes like hot stock picks. Ignore them!


WTF(ish) !! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Btw, how did they get in 4 bedrooms in 1086 sq ft? :smile:




Hong Kong style bird cage rooms :rofl:
















Brand new home on plymouth.


1300 sq ft sold for 1.508 in 2015.