Predictions for Sunnyvale, Cupertino


Yup, the sale price will probably reach around 2.8 easy. looks beautiful


Equivalent to a land cost of $250 per sqft in 2015.


what will be construstion cost of this home


At $300 per sqft construction, total $690k.
Furnishing + decor $100k.
Land cost $1.5M.
Profit $500k.
Expected sale price $2.8M😀


Furnishing + decor $100k->That sounds… high?


I think $300/sqft inclusive of all finishes and soft costs. The finishes are just average quality.


Yup. It’s inclusive. Builder investor also could get it cheaper.
If held, appreciation would be around what? 45%? 600-700k already?


You also need to account for carrying costs & property taxes


and about 100k - 120k in agent fee/closing costs


Ok question - what would their profit be if they didn’t build, but just waited on it, and sold after 2 years.
Let’s assume they are investor, and not taking 500k out tax free.


What’s going on here? Check out the price history…,-CA-94087_rb/


Deliberately listed low (priced to sell) as someone wrongly purchased T junction and trying to resale it. This is done by some LLC, investor, that makes me curious !


but the list price is less than 900k ?.


721 San Simeon St, SUNNYVALE, CA 94085 - 3 beds/3 baths this relisted. (history)


Got a Flyer like this today


seller agent pulled 120% overbid!


I think the listing agent is playing for a sensational article headline. Home is Sunnyvale rocking 1.5M overbid!


Beat you to it!:
seller agent pulled 120% overbid!


But 120% doesn’t sound as fantastical as 1 MILLION dollars.


Alright, you win. Happy? :slight_smile: