Price estimates - Los Altos Edition


4-plex. Let’s see estimates.


One more in the price range but 8 plex in MV:




Montain view has rent control


Here’s one work around - i am curious.
For the owner occupied case, can you move in every year to another unit to evict current tenant to increase rents (assuming you were gonna do owner occupied anyway).


Should we pool some money to buy some of these apartments?
They are for purely cash flows only, right?

Huh? Then no good.


yeah mtv multiunits have rent control. Los altos doesn’t. Los altos is mainly home-owners as opposed to renters and not many multiunits as far as i can tell.


sold for 3.6


also sold for 3.6


Saw this:

NIMBY or not?


Ok here is a non-selling home:

My agent was openhousing it for her friend, so we visited her. It was somewhat dated, but still gorgeous imho. It was a weekend, and there was not much noise from road, but i can imagine it having lots of noise during the week. Had a bath tub overlooking yard/pool, which my wife liked :slight_smile:

I am curious to see what it will sell for.


Probably around 3.4. This part of Los Altos is less desired and it’s right by foothill. If this was on the other side of foothill, it’d probably be 3.7+


I wouldn’t have expected a second weekend openhouse on this. Not sure how much noise it’s getting. Large home, in north los altos. The owner is probably seeking more money.

I learned that the owner does seek more money for this:

Nearby home sold for 3.9 in same street very recently, it will probably sell near 4.2M or so, if it keeps its slowness.


Los altos homes… most of them single story. probably old people love them because no stairs, and large lots make it ok… ugh.


Somebody overpaid 3 years ago?

Sale price: 1,700,000 in 2015.

List Price: 1,998,000 didn’t sell.
Got a price cut: 1,898,000


Wealthy buyers look for quietness. This is next to hwy !


IT was next to a highway before, too!


Easy freeway access:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That house would be $350k in South Lake Tahoe and no freeway noise


Let’s see guesses on this one:

It looks very nice, and in north los altos. @n4s