Price estimates - Los Altos Edition


Too close to graveyard - pass.


It says steve job’s grave is there.

Either way, it’s quite far from graveyard. what?


No, it’s literally 10-15 houses away from the graveyard. Take a closer look at your company’s satellite map and tell me what you see.


Why is that a bad thing?

For @n4s, he guessed the price of this to be close to 3.5

If this is true, Lunada should fetch more.


Trust me, @n4s would pick Hawthorne over Lunada because of the cemetery…


Let’s see :slight_smile:


I would prefer the Hawthorne location because it is closer to downtown and not on a corner. Lunada is close to the graveyard, which is not good, but it’s on the other side across the river so it’s a bit better. If I was buying I’d care more about the location and less about the condition of the house. I’d actually prefer that it’s ugly so you have less competition and update it to your liking.


Put price on it then :slight_smile:


3.6M because it’s bigger and move in ready.


That i agree. i have my reservations on hawthorne wrt price.


3.4M is conservative for Hawthorne because I’m accounting for the slowdown. This location is highly desirable because it’s close to downtown, schools and the library. If we didn’t have this slowdown, I would have guessed 3.5+


Just put 100-150k there and it’d look better than Lunada!


Location is always number one @tomato


I dont know about los altos. Downtown is not that lively there.


Los Altos, expensive single story homes,quiet place, large lots…etc, preferred location than Mountain View & Sunnyvale, for many years…


Besides schools there are good pockets of mtv. Downtown mtv is much better than that of la


The beauty of Los Altos is you can get to PA and MV downtown easily if you want something more vibrant.

Downtown LA is a nice quiet place to walk to for the essentials. Also hosts a lot of community event. Lots of new restaurants opening up as well.




Great deal on a 10k lot. I’d much rather pick this one over sunnyvale houses.


My favorite home, goes pending:

I wonder if i asked for corvette (salvaging looks like) in the yard, they’d give it to me.