Price estimates - Los Altos Edition


Too many trees in the front…not a fan.


why not?

Lot size is great! very rare. you can do lots there, ify ou have money, you can build 5-6K sqft home! and live happily ever after!


I don’t care for big homes. I am used to bird cages :slight_smile:


I actually thinks trees are well placed. Doesn’t put shades onto home, doesn’t get in the way of construction, this home could be really bright!


That’s a nice looking lot. Looks like a premium lot. You can get a lot for less than 4M in MP proper. Not likely a premium lot, but good.


3M in near-willows gets you 0.36


If you like it so much why didn’t you bid on it? Los Altos is nicer than Mountain View.


4M tear down? thank you very much!


What price would be appropriate for you for a teardown? :slight_smile:


if i had money i would buy it :slight_smile: I woudl buy a 2.5M tear down in north los altos. maybe 3. not 4.


2.5M is not possible (anymore). N Los Altos would be 3.2, central Los Altos 3, south Los Altos 2.8 (or 2.75 based on new comp)


There may be cheaper ones if you can find < 10k lots (around 8k) or west of foothill.


yup, exactly :slight_smile:


Hey a happy ever after ending is priceless!


<checks his bank account, nope>


3.5M sold 10K sqft a couple weeks back in MP.


woop woop.




I mentioned before, it probably has a reaaaally long rent back. The owner is an elderly, and somewhat forced to sell but she/he wants to stay there for quite a while.


Perfect for a 1031…rent it back for two years then remodel and make it your primary.