Price estimates - Los Altos Edition


Where did they buy?


two in Los altos, another in santa clara, another in San mateo or burlingame (i forgot), and one in mtv.


All googlers? Looks like you guys really like the MV/LA area… With 3 down, less competition for you!


All googlers, yes. we like MV/LA area - schools are good, it’s nearby. almost everywhere in LA/MV is < 15m away.


What about PA and Menlo Park?


the people who bought in LA didn’t want PA explicitly. One said PA schools are bad, the other wanted a large lot, which is rare in PA. > 10K sqft i mean.

MP schools are not as good, and traffic sucks at peak times.


Looks like it will be LA for you! :slight_smile:


Probably MV :slight_smile:


Price drop. Due to creek?


Yes, big flood hazard.


Not a popular part of los altos, too.


Curious on why not popular other than flooding?


Foothill makes a lot of noise. In terms of popularity, as far as i can tell North > south > west of foothil.


Too far from downtown.


People living in Los Altos probably don’t care much for downtowns.


There’s some kind of a “golden triangle” near downtown LA where RE prices are at a premium. Some agent told me about it but I forgot the exact boundaries. Definitely not anything west/south of Foothill for sure.


Golden Triangle like selling drugs and stuff? :smile:


Your mindset got poisoned too much by SF druggies…


this is right!


El Monte/Almond/San Antonio
There are some huge lots in that area and it is walking distance to downtown. Although there is nothing much going on in downtown, it is still desirable and prices are usually higher.