Price guesses - Mountain View Edition

Has a house in the front, and an apartment in the back. Lots of deferred maintenance, plenty of renovation to do.

IMO, this one sucks. Too many negatives for two positives.

  • house size if you like it
  • lot size

It looks like it will be bid up anyways.

i don’t know. tHere’s some nice house next to it, but it’s across school from what i can tell on map. It might stay longer.

The negatives is too much, for sure. I think it might stay for another week on the market and sell around asking.

If I guess, the home will go any price between 2.525M - 2.650M. The home is listed at lot price
Unless someone died in this home, the price I guessed may be right. The current market is wild and only tougher one gets such home. Someone will get this home at this price, spend another 100k-150k and make it move-in.

Lot price is here.

New build price is here

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2006 is not exactly new build. New build is worth ~4M. But second thought, you are probably right about price. Carmelita actually has a bigger disadvantage - road noise.

Numbers like those should make developers that have hung a sign run for the hills. Cloud has at least one that is similar enough in terms of location.

I’m guessing 2.6

I’m changing my guess to 2.75 - 2.8 based on:

Holy moly.

Los Altos here we come!

Someone took a really nice profit:

Pathetic and the family room is in the garage.

The garage seems like stager’s imagination. There’s a separate living space by the entrance door.

This is what sells these days.

Better off buying in Fremont

Mountain View homes will touch 3m very soon.

Uh oh…@tomato hurry!

It did touch already in jan.

This one closed a month ago. 2400sqft, 8000sqft lot, minor remodel, 3.46M. Although this “Mountain View” house is in the middle of Los Altos.

Teardown on 1714 Whipple, RWC…10k SF lot…$2m off market…Zoned for 3 units…Prices have gotten crazy

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Sell time? Haha. Not sure how often a property comes to market. Good thing i dont have anything to sell yet.