Price guesses - Mountain View Edition


I’m not sure if that’s a good thing :sweat_smile:


hah yeah i know :slight_smile:


still didn’t sell


didn’t sell, too close to 85.


Why not?


Small-ish lot (6.8k sqft but corner), it had somewhat weird layout.

Like this kitchen…


If you wait for down turn or price drops in mountain view, it may not come esp mountain view or Sunnyvale as they are/will be always hot.

Grab the one early (FOMO) like WQJ said.


Found something:
This is on the same street as the other one:


I take my price estimation back. 2.7.


I think this might be a flip opportunity:

I know the story behind this. first time it listed it had a tenant, so the owner couldn’t do an openhouse. Then it stayed on market lingering. IT’s close to el camino, so it’s probably getting some noise during the day, but it’s very close to downtown. old mountain view schools sucks, in general, but price dropped to 1.86 at some point (or 1.95 at a later point), so there’s an opportunity to potentially underbid.



Weird that redfin isn’t showing full history for me. Had to go to Zillow to see.


i have been in the same boat.


Sharing my experience : Underbid. Unless the home stays in the market for 30 to 45 days, underbid is always rejected at this crazy market.

We tried in the open house here.

At that time, I had pre-approval up to 2.1M only when I visited the open house. I simply try to talk to the agent whether we can try with our current pre-approval 2.1M or I need to check my finance person which may or may not work…like that we started.

The LA was mad at us…she almost pushed us out of the home, we also walked out as we did not like to deal further ! Finally, it went to 2.125M. She was not even ready to listen less than 25k !

you want such a nice treatment to @wuqijun ? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


He’s used to it. Wuqijun won’t mind.


“This charming and cozy large lot home” says the LA of 6200 lot.


One of my friend lives closeby and they bought their home $700k in 2009.
It is close to Los Altos and high school is Los altos high as well.
One downside is cheesy apartment complex nearby.
In general, i don’t really understand the price of MV due to so many such apartment complex here and there.
I visited a few open houses in MV (condo and TH) and was disappointed that sign of gentrification was still not there visually. Only price went up crazily.


I partial agree, although MV area near Los Altos is decent neighborhoods. However the northern sector is a lot of blue collar industrial areas that’s becoming high density. Also a lot were originally older condo/townhouses near Middlefield and Rengstorff near Google. Prices are reflected due to proximity to the tech companies.

What’s your definition of gentrification? Brand new high rise condos? I think MV has long been gentrified by this point…


No cheap looking apartment complex or commrcial buildings nearby.
For example, although PA is super rich city, i felt not safe when i visited ventura neighbirhood at night when lived PA.
In my opinion, MV still has many ventura like neighborhood here and there.
However, i quickly gave up MV after a few open houses. Thus, my knowledge may be too limited.
The reason i like cupertino is because school stats show 0% low income students. There may not be much riches but it doesn’t have low income neighborhood either.


Where did you end up buying?


I am still in the middle of process.