Price guesses - Mountain View Edition


Which Jordan and Golden are you talking about?

Pilgrim was an exceptional hosue because of size.


Euther way, the one on california is overpriced compared to this one heh


@DH0, that’s why I was saying he would get more value by picking up a completed spec project versus doing his own.

@tomato, that would be the same choice for a number of people. They will drive up that 2.2 to something more along the lines of 2.5. I think MTV stays under 4. Once pricing hits 4, other compelling options appear. I would put the california ave neighborhood above brookdale.


The houses you linked / jordan and golden, are near major roads. One is next to san antonio, the other is on covington. These houses come with a deep discount on their own.

The mountain view / brookdale has potential, but you are right that it is not los altos. brookdale is really close to downtown los altos, which has grown a good deal since i moved here.

Brookdale has seemingly better schools compared to california. Brookdale is larger lot, and next to some nicer homes, something you don’t see elsewhere. My favorite street might be view, but has similar problems with california.


For golden way, they originally listed at 5M then dropped to 4.85 and went pending. The buyers backed out and they dropped to 4M. My guess is that that price is just to attract buyers. They will probably end up around 4.5M.


So you moved to LA…I see…


Is it North LA or South LA?


Good eye @harriet. When are we going to do a meetup? It’s almost Christmas time again. I’m expecting @sfdragonboy to set something up again :slight_smile:


No, I had good intentions last year but the reality of it all made me say no. It sounds like some of you already meet up. Besides, after going to the Caribbean for some R&R for 10 days in early December, wifey and I may head to Vegas or Hawaii during Xmas so we are not going to be around during December much. It has been a fruitful and tiring year for us…


We can do some smaller gathering before the holidays. I still have never had these San Tung wings everyone talks about… I need a regular to show me.


You are too kind, Sir… it is only me on here that raves about them.


I meant MTV. Brookdale is clsoe to castro, and castro has grown a lot became busier etc.


We met up in Haidilao without you because you have gone into hiding.


Whhhaaaaat!!! I missed Haidilao? Shoot. Who was in attendance?


The haidilao in Cupertino is over-rated. Save your money.


She didn’t get to be served by a pretty woman? She speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin :slight_smile:


Service was fine. Way too expensive for what you get. Wasn’t too impressed with the food.


Harriet and Wuqijun ordered a few rounds so I think they like the food :slight_smile:


Haidilao is pretty good. But it’s pretty pricey for sure.


Now that I think about it hotpot is a pretty good format for talking. Like dim sum you can drag the meal out for hours.