Price guesses - Mountain View Edition


Wanted to invite you but you chickened out last time :unamused:

Because I was still hungry. Don’t know how you guys survive, or I am just a big eater :expressionless:


When did I chicken out?!


You actually didn’t talk all that much… too busy eating? :thinking:


Isn’t there a certain cheesy movie you want to go see???
But that’s okay, maybe you finally realize it’s better to watch paint dry after all.

Too busy serving the king. Talk about returning good for evil…


Next time you guys are in this neck of the woods, let me know. I will join


South Bay only? Or open to driving up to Peninsula?


He wants to go to Gyu-Kaku :slight_smile:


I don’t want to go to Gyu-Kaku. Yoda is lazy and I don’t want to cook for him again :woman_facepalming:


Too much meat. Too bad we don’t have sweet tomato up north. :cry:


That’s a good idea maybe next time we should go to Sweet Tomatoes. You can sit as long as you want without feeling like you are hoarding the seats.


Again, the thread became either about women or food.


Throw Trump in to complete the holy trinity.


I only feel uneasy if the restaurant is small and there are people waiting. I never feel the rush to go at haidilao. They charged us so much I want to sit there all day long. :smile:


Is little sheep not as good as this?


Ended up having to travel a bunch so didn’t have time. We can always wait for the 2nd movie :slight_smile: Double feature.


Sheep is good too, although I haven’t eaten there for many years. HDL is just more trendy, more hip.


HDL is fitting for the RE HODLs here.


Bitcoin bros should avoid.


Peninsula is fine


I’d rather watch the Aquaman, or the Lady Gaga movie :slight_smile: