Price guesses - Mountain View Edition


…and it’s back. If it’s going to take <1hr, why not do it at 2am? Given Redfin is only in north america market, it would still give them 3hrs before 8am kicks in in Eastern time.

Last I heard a website going under regular maintenance was with the social security office website. Or was it the DMV website? One of those two. :flushed:


Chase bank’s site also periodically undergoes maintenance, usually on saturdays.

Apple pulled down their online shop hours before new products come out. Imagine amazon has to do that.


Social security. Some services dont work outside of work hours



$500k price cut… Wow


Probably trying to trigger under 2M lookers but they really want 2.5 range. Although that T intersection looks crappy.


T junction = bad feng shui.


To Chinese, I notice other races don’t seem to bother much. Well re-modeled sell fast.


t intersection is noisy & lighty.


3.2 a bit too much./


I hate Ts. Lights shine through the house. Stay away from corner houses. People crash into them.


Indians don’t like T junctions as well. Their version of Feng Shui also says it’s no good.


I bought a house in T-junction and it has 2 4’s in it. I had no idea about either. I guess, no Chinese will buy my house :slight_smile:

On the other hand, a batman like guy who wants to race as soon as the garage door opens, will find my house a treat.


The guy that killed 20 people in NY drove 60 mph into a T intersection. Not for me.

18 people died in the limo (17 passengers, plus the driver), which was reportedly traveling at high speed down a country road, when the road dead-ended into a cafe parking lot, then a ravine.

This was a Ford Excursion stretch-conversion “party bus” style limo, so we can assume 17 passengers were not wearing seat belts while partying in the back.

Two pedestrians were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and were struck and killed, when the limo was said to have blazed through the stop sign at Route 30 and 30A, continuing past the perpendicular roadway, hitting a parked car, then careening down a shallow ravine, where it came to rest, apparently right-side-up, (based on photos of the scene).

Eyewitness accounts said the limo may have been going as fast as 60MPH when it hit the ravine, so you can imagine the kind of forces passengers would suffer (hitting a wall of Earth at 60MPH, while not wearing seatbelts).


woop woop…


Why, this is T junction, no more greediness when stocks are tanked !


not entirely a T, but sure. It feeds into a rather small loop.