Price guesses - Mountain View Edition


Works for me. There’s a Lady Gaga movie?


Yes, I found out about it yesterday - it’s called “A Star Is Born,” where Lady Gaga actually looks like a normal human being.


Count me in for the meetup. Didn’t make it last year due to travel, but this year, only have a small travel plan during holiday.


previously listed for 3.2, now at 2.4. Not sure if there’s anything with lot division, etc, but that’s a massive drop.


Newton Dr sold for 3.4


Good price.

Next door sold sme price.


This one was also sold at the same price in July but looks nicer to me.


so most of the drop is early june? maybe market is getting ready on the next leg up.


Maybe, but on the second look, I found that 3363-Milton’s lot shape was not pretty.
It is actually strange that there is no space between property line and the building on the west side.
Isn’t there setback requirement?
Probably, that explains the same price in spite of better condition.


"Don’t let the street name discourage you. Once inside you will feel right at home. "

most people would be discouraged for sure.


Its the location, not street name!


All dated inside…


I felt home, in bay area :slight_smile: all homes are dated.


This one is literally across the fire station. Behind the house, there’s private “after school” tutor + a church. So you’ll get noisy traffic every single day, in addition to the ‘normal’ cuesta park traffic. Lovely home. :slight_smile:


Dont let any of that discourage you. Diamond in the rough :wink:


Its 11pm and resfin down. Lol


They do this on a regular basis. “regular maintenance schedule”. What kind of internet company puts down their service in the middle of high traffic time?


11pm is probably not that bad. I doubt it is middle of high traffic.
My guess is they are “compacting” their db. Last time i heard the term was probably 2005.


They can’t even have read access?


I mean… I dont think they are super higg traffic, and most of their content is cachable and not real time (favorites etc). I dont know why they need to do this in the first place.