Price guesses - Mountain View Edition


ok let me reask - where did you end up being in contract with? :slight_smile: what city. cupertino?


One of the most interesting sales:

What do you think is up? :slight_smile:


Why is it interesting? Is it because sale price ($2.55M) is lower than Redfin estimate ($3.05M)? Zillow estimate is at $2.6M.

Just spending 5 min looking at comps… Not a lot sold in this area. There are 2 SFHs with 3 beds, 2-2.5 baths sold in 6 months in this area. I don’t think 591 Sierra Ave is an outlier. It is slightly cheaper, possibly due to corner lot (big front yard but no back yard) or house condition.


It’s interesting because unless redfin is mistaken (likely) the house for sold for 3M last year, which is unlikely - nothing sold for 3M last year for that size home + lot.


800k under the table to the sellers :smiling_imp:


or someone laundered money somehow. I am very curious what the deal is for that.

Under the table 800K -> that guy will claim capital losses too!.


It also sold in 2-3 days last time…


Looks like they split the lot. Last year’s listing:

The lot size for that listing was 10k.


Ding ding ding. @n4s wins the award for finding the truth. How did we miss that @tomato!


sweet deal then. good catch @n4s


@tomato, since you’ve been watching the MV market the closest lately. What’s the smaller lots (5-6k) going for like this one in Monta Loma area?



This is a comp, this one is more updated.


We have a relist:

Probably owners realized they didn’t like the noise


685 didn’t sell initially because it was overpriced. The market spoke loud and clear. You don’t need an open house to sell something like this as the 671 sqft has minimal value. It’s too small to matter.

The boohoo story sounds like a realtor’s excuse for failing at his or her job. It looks like they got fired again after relisting. In the words of Jim the Realtor, it is an OPT. Over Priced Turkey.


Put a price tag on it.


For me, 1.5M. Market is probably a little more generous.


this goes pending.


This got price cut again - it is simply not selling!


Looks like it only got cut once though, based on history.


2 million for the small house next to happy donuts? Still too expensive in my opionion.