Price guesses - Mountain View Edition


That sleeper has a comp that sold for 2.4 just in december… He got a deal. I should have bought it for myself and build brand new home. can’t find the link. maybe less.

PArts of mtv is near los altos, so they are at premium. This one is not though. But waverly and nearby is the second best region of MTV.


Should have, could have, would have.


: ) how are you doing?


Doing swell as usual :slight_smile:


Analysis paralysis, @elt1? :slight_smile:


@tomato please explain buddy ?


All these houses are in similar location & similar size, and house conditions are similar, if not the same. First one sold for 3.8 4 months ago. The next 2 stayed on market for a bit longer (not too long), but sold at > 10% price drop.
These are good houses, that area had the most expensive houses in mtv due to their size & condition.

Elt1 calls out on me for microanalyzing trends/individual houses, and that was a reference to that :slight_smile:


Got it …u are good


Rare large lot in mtv 0.29acres. price cut. close to 85, though.


heh… i just saw this on my redfin notification and thought of you. Even though this is a large lot, it is pie shaped which is less usable/desirable.


similar homes (in slightly better conditions) sold for 3.3-3.5 - curious where this one will go.


My friends bought the house in this neighborhood last year and it is nice neighborhood.
It is also close to schools (kids can walk or bike).
I like the architecture too.
Maybe 3.5M?


nicer condition one went for 3.8, i doubt this one will go for 3.5. My bet is 3.3 ish


Go for it :grinning: With this house, you can bring your extended family here :slight_smile:
Sold for $1.45M in 2009.
Annualized appreciation rate:
8% => $2.9M
9% => $3.2M (try your luck, lowball at this price :wink:)
10% => $3.4M
Historically is 6-8% but because of the overshoot due to financial crisis, take time to normalize back to 6-8%.


nah - not interested.


Its very difficult to Guess at this time.


Contingent. This house was on market for 3.5 or so last year.


Is it @cloud?


I suspected actually. since he couldn’t get svl, he might deploy that money there. But zoning might not work, so maybe he is building 2sfrs?

Edit: looks like zoning is actually chnging for this.

Wish i could buy this for 2.3 2.5 years ago. Would build myself a mansion.


I didn’t buy it I knew off it and was offered this one more than a year ago but I don’t like flag lots. There is high interest in Building new houses in Mountain View .

Someone even bought 753 victor

I believe December will present some good opportunities . Every December there has been something coming up for me as a first right of refusel and which I regretted later in a matter of weeks. This December i’ll be prepared “Not to pass”