Price guesses - Mountain View Edition


:smile: He is very conscious of the stock market numbers. That’s why I don’t think he will allow it to go down. What confuses me is why he is starting the trade war and risking his track record. Or, are tariffs the only way to raise money for his planned spending?


Is to hard to tell. Initially correction and BTFD behaves similarly.


Most likely yes.


Labor cost at USA expensive while overseas, while asian countries are cheaper. The world is interconnected at the advent of internet, cell phone…etc and no one country can function separately. It is easier for businesses to buy labor (mfr) abroad and sell it in USA. You can assume set of import affects one person job here. This is not only for USA, but for every country.

Since USA traditionally imports lot of goods, Trump raising tariffs to discourage imports. This will definitely affect the heavy import businesses until they go for local manufacturing which is what Trump wants ! He will position it nicely to worker community in next election.

Economic slow down will be the after effect of FED monetary policy, hiking the rates. Listen to Powell statements, he (FOMC) raises rate until the bring up unemployment from 3.8 to 4.5 ! They will not rest until they achieve the goal. No one believes it as media points Trump for everything !


223 Vincent went pending on 3/1. This was pretty much right around the peak. We are starting to see closed sales from the slowdown and it is trending 5% - 10% lower. I am hearing some recent in contract prices around 15% lower than the peak. This is a good time to get in now as there is reduced competition and you may be able to catch some desperate sellers. Once summer is over, i think it will start picking back up.


Sold 7ish months ago.

Struggling to sell so far at 5% lower price, it’s slightly larger too.

I visited one of the cuernavaca houses long ago, looked like a really well taken care community.
hoa; 261 not too bad.


mother of all price drops :slight_smile:


See the google road views and how many cars are on the road ! Looks like high traffic road, less preference esp for primary home.


Grant is a parking lot in the mornings and close to a parking lot in the evenings. this house is less then a block away from Grant. quite a few people use Cuesta to bypass some of the traffic on Grant. if it was just a little further away from Grant it would sell immediatly.


I am intimately familiar with cuesta. It’s very busy but also right next to park.
Cuesta park is the best park around in mtv.


Who wants to live next to a park? Noise, trash, crime…


Not in cuesta. Not much noise, it is peaceful. It is just road noise.


Yep, and there is a fire station close by. I remember a few ambulances hangout by the parking lot next to it. It has some health care facility two or three houses down.


A small teh company called Tintri just went bust. Bust as in chapter 11 bankruptcy. Only one year after IPO. Tintri is based in MV.

The winter may be creeping in, quietly. :scream:


:scream: :scream: :scream:


This was not a normal transaction, but if it convinces someone else to sell low I will happily line up.


still puzzled with this one :slight_smile:


Confused seller playing with prices.


Seems like a great deal on a large lot. Much better than Sunnyvale?


Yeah. Forget about Sunnyvale, buy mtv instead. But mtv has rent control