Primary Drivers of the Chinese Economy

Because of China’s unique distribution and sales methods, car dealerships and salespeople make a high margin on each vehicle sale.

China’s drug distribution system is multi-phased: drugs pass through various tiers and expensive middlemen before arriving at hospitals and pharmacies.

Car salespeople and drug middlemen are vampires.

Next, China is home to rampant corruption. The national government is actively trying to stamp it out in an effort to make the country more business-friendly for westerners and to avoid the economic and business inefficiencies that come from corruption.

Corruption is so deep-rooted, can it ever be solved? LKY of Singapore :star_struck: did it, albeit, Singapore is a tiny nation.

Even with the largest population on earth, China struggled to find buyers for real estate in its ghost towns.

Learned from Singapore. The early batches of HDBs are ghost towns, now extremely popular.