Prop 10 may pass: LA Times poll

Misleading headline. Ignore it. 41% in favor. 38% against.

Fake news you mean? :rofl:

It is close if we take this poll seriously.

Rent control will never achieve the goals it set out to achieve.


Which, again, we should take seriously. Remind everyone that you know who votes, to do the right thing!!! I want to see a tank cut through a house of cards!!!

I am voting yes. Any problem with that? :rofl:

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Actually, today is my day off from watching mom, so I have to read all the propositions. I just read, and hear all the mumble jumble about the propositions. My wife is voting NO.

Divorce is coming. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Thank you, Mrs. buyinghouse!!!

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I would thank her too!
I wonder how stupid she was when she married me. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Not sure if I was clear. I take this poll very seriously. Don’t know why they concluded that the ‘NO’ votes will prevail. Their numbers tell a different story. LA Times has very good track record for polling accuracy.


Boogie Cousins saying NO to the Prop 10 “proponents”…

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no one knows until the end. just go vote.

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Vote no now

I voted yes on it. In the beginning I was undecided on it but the people running the No on 10 campaign put out so many malicious ads on it I voted for it.


We exploit quasi-experimental variation in assignment of rent control in San Fran- cisco to study its impacts on tenants, landlords, and inequality. Leveraging new data tracking individuals’ migration, we find rent control limits renters’ mobility by 20% and lowers displacement from San Francisco, especially for minorities. Landlords treated by rent control reduce rental housing supplies by 15%, either by converting to con- dos/TICs, selling to owner occupants, or redeveloping buildings. In the long-run, we find rent control increased the gentrification of San Francisco, as the endogenous changes in the housing supply attracted higher income residents, undermining the goals of rent control .


Having a great time with my ballot in AZ. I’m used to decades of CA props - all terrible - which pass anyway. Here they are all good (except the Tom Steyer funded one which is thankfully failing). One after another - force reductions in out-of-control public employee pensions, ban any sales tax on services, school choice…not one thing on the ballot that raises taxes or spends money. What life is supposed to be.
Oh and our roads are much better - with sub-$3 gas. And road projects are implemented to cause minimal traffic delays; slow to 45 for a bit; that’s all. Jack-knifed big-rigs are cleared within an hour or so.

LA Times poll has very good track record, we have to take this poll seriously.

It’s going to be close. I think the keys are as follows

  1. Most of the 21% undecided are homeowners who paid very little attention to rent control. We have to make these homeowners understand Prop 10 is bad.

  2. 71% of seniors are against Prop 10 and for Prop 5. We need to run “Yes on 5, No on 10” to get the seniors and middle aged voters out to vote.

  3. Young voters are silly so we need to let them indulge in their hobby and forget about voting

It’s the first time I have to register to vote no


If Prop 10 passes buy RE in red counties like Eldorado. We like guns not rent control. We believe min voting age should be 50. And only land owners should vote.


I think it’s going to be closer than we expect.